Kids Frugal Fun-Christmas Cards, Gift Tags, & Wrapping Paper

Each week I bring you a craft you can complete with your child that is fun, educational, and frugal!  With Christmas in just a few days, I focused this week’s craft on those last minute items you may have forgotten!

Christmas Cards, Gift Tags, & Wrapping Paper

Finger Paint (various colors)
Construction paper, paper grocery bags, etc


1.  Cut paper depending on your desired use (cards, gift tags, wrapping paper).
2.  Have your child finger paint various designs to decorate the paper for Christmas.  Here are each of ours in the order of the picture above:

  • Blue Tree:  Will drew lines with his finger for the tree.  Then he used his finger to put dots for the star and tree decorations.


  • Dancing Reindeer:  The body is Will’s thumbprint and the head is his index finger. I then used a marker to create the limbs and antlers.
  • Santa:  The beard is Will’s handprint and all other aspects were done with his fingerprint.


  • Brown Tree:  Done completely with Will’s fingerprint.


Educational Acitivites:  I really wanted this week to be just about fun. However, you can definitely discuss shapes, length, colors, direction, and patterns with these crafts.

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  1. Kimberly Frazee says

    I love these. I love the way he used his palm print to make Santas Beard. That is the best tag Ive ever seen


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