"How To" Make Homemade Baby Wipes-guest post

Momondealz reader shared this awesome recipe for homemade baby wipes with me and I thought other readers would be interested in learning how to save money and help the enviroment at the same time.  I know with 2 kids in diapers at my house, we will be trying this out this week!

Homemade Baby Wipes
1.  Bring 6-8 cups of water to a rapid boil (depending on how many diaper changes you do per day, newborns-more, toddlers-less).

2.  Rapid boil for 6 minutes, let cool completely to room temperature.  Have one container (one which you have a nice tight lid for) and pour the boiled water in it (will probably have around 5-7 cups left).
*You can also just use distilled water if you like but that’s more expensive!*

3.  Add 1/2 tablespoon of baby oil in the water (don’t stir!).

4.  Add 1-2 tablespoons of your favorite baby wash in (we use all natural Burts Bees because it has less chemicals).

5.  Stir gently. If you find there are too many “bubbles” use less baby wash next time.

6.  Close lid and place near your diaper changing area.

Other Tips:
*Have another container with a nice tight lid. You will use this to put your USED washcloths in until washing.

*Invest in some nice terrycloth baby wash rags! We had 48 wash cloths when Seren was a baby! Amazon has them at a great price too 😉

*We have a basket we keep the clean cloths in and when it’s time to change a diaper we just dip it into the baby wipe water, ring out excess water, wipe clean and put in the USED container.

*Use the diaper to wipe off excess solid first to keep the washcloths in “good” condition longer

*You will need to change the water once a week to make sure the water stays “fresh” and remember to close the baby wipe water after each use.

*You may need to wash the USED cloths twice a week. We are lucky enough to have a new HE washer with a sanitizer cycle…if you don’t use HOT water and add a little (tablespoon or two) vinegar into the wash cycle.

*You can also take this method “on the go” if you have a Tupperware sandwich container you can dip the cloths in the wipe solution beforehand and ring out excess water and fold 5-8 wipes inside and place in diaper bag. Have another container that you mark “used” on and place USED cloths in that one until you can get home.

*REMEMBER to take the containers out of your diaper bag and always make sure to keep “fresh” ones in there.

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