How To Make An Easy and Inexpensive Thanksgiving Wreath


turkey wreath


How To Make A Turkey Thanksgiving Wreath 


 Are you looking for a super easy and frugal Thanksgiving Wreath? This is IT!  This craft only cost me $4 and took me about 20 minutes to make! All materials were from the Dollar Tree except for the glue gun and tape that I already had around the house.



Foam Wreath Circle
Pilgrim Craft Kit
Fake Fall Leaves
Ribbon With Fall Theme
Hot Glue Gun
Brown Crayon and Black Marker


1. Wrap ribbon around the foam circle and secure in place with hot glue.
2.  Color the back of the ribbon label and create a turkey face.

turkey head process


3.  Attach the leaves from the craft kit to finish the turkey face.  Glue the  leaves on the face to create the turkey tail.
4. Attach the turkey to the wreath and it’s complete!

turkey wreath

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