How To Make A Ribbon Bullentin Board

Let me start out by saying this was the NOT the easy cute little craft that I thought it would be!  That being said, now that I know the mistakes I made, I think the next one will be much easier.  Hopefully this post will help you in the event you choose to make a ribbon bullentin board.

I have always thought these boards look so cute but have not loved the price tags.  When shopping for them I found the cheapest ones  to range between $20 and $30.  NOT a price I wanted to pay.  So, when I decided that an ugly bullentin board that I was using in Will’s room had to go, I figured, why not try my hand at making my own ribbon board?

Bullentin board (size is your choice-mine was: 35X23; pretty large)
Fabric to cover board with about 2 inches of excess to fold over and staple
Ribbon to match your fabric ( I used (2) 10 yard spools)
Ruler (very important)
Thumb tacks (around 50 for the size board I used; better to buy too many and return them than not have enough and have to make a run to the store like I did)
Stapler (a strong one, using a little and “cheap” one was one of my biggest aggrevations!)
Staples (lots and lots!)

1.  Cover board with fabric, folding over edges and stapling it on opposite side of board.

2.  Make an X with the ribbon across the board.  You need to cut it long enough to fold over and staple to the other side of the board.  I used about 3 staples per ribbon to ensure I wouldn’t be fixing it later.  Place a thumbtack in the middle of the X.  A lot of instructions you find tell you to add the tacks after all of the ribbon is applied but I learned putting them in with each piece of ribbon leads to a lot less frustration!

3.  This is where the ruler comes into play.  Measure between your pieces of ribbon to ensure everything looks even.  As you can see in my pics, my “X’s” were pretty close together.  My next board will have bigger ones!  I placed mine 3 1/4 inches apart; my next will be around 5 inches apart. 

4.  Continue pattern until the board is covered to your liking.

A few notes:
-Some sites recommend using batting underneath the fabric. I don’t really see the need in this,but that’s your choice.
-You don’t have to do an “X” pattern.  You can just place the ribbon in one direction, or you could do squares; once again, whatever is your choice.
-There is a variety of things you can use besides thumb tacks to hold the ribbon for accents.  Some ideas I saw online were furniture nails, brads, and one site suggested hot glue!
-The reason I found this so frustrating is because (1) I had a faulty stapler.  (2) My ribbon kept slipping after I had measured before I figured out that I should put the tacks in as I went.  (3)  Believe it or not, it was incredibly hard to find plain, white, flat thumb tacks.  I went to AC Moore, Micheal’s, the Dollar Tree, Office Max, until finally finding them at Rite Aid!

My Price breakdown:
Bullentin board:  Free!  I already had it but it was ugly!
Ribbon:  $1 each=$2 total
Staples:  Already had them=Free (but you can get them at the Dollar Tree)
Fabric:  Free!  I already had it on hand. 
Thumb tacks:  $1.99 (BOGO at Rite Aid)
Total Cost:  $3.99 plus tax!

*Since I told you I have seen ribbon boards priced between $20 and $30 at stores, my estimated savings for doing this project on my own is around $16-$26!!  That type of savings makes all my frustrated feelings go away!


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