How To Make Strawberry Jam

Each week I bring you a craft that is fun and frugal. Strawberry fields are in full bloom around here so I thought this week I would tell you how to make strawberry jam!  It’s not a craft per say, but it definitely involves the kids!

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Just a side note, I laminateas much as I can when doing crafts…it really helps to preserve them.

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My kids LOVE strawberries and strawberry jam, so I thought, “Why not make strawberry jam?”  Luckily I have a friend who taught me how to make strawberry jam!  Besides the advantages of knowing exactly what ingredients are in what I am eating and getting in some quality family time, it has even served to help us save even more money!  I thought you may want to have the recipe so you could try it out for yourself!

Step One:  Pick you own fresh strawberries!

Step 2:  Wash Strawberries and cut them into small pieces.  Cover them in sugar (about 1/2 cup of sugar per 2 cups strawberries).
strawberry cut
Step 3.  Cover and let sit 6-12 hours.  I let mine sit overnight and they had the perfect amount of juice in the morning!
Step 5:  Bring berries and liquid to boil.  Turn down to around a simmer and cook for 3 hours.  While cooking, follow instructions on canning jars to prepare them to be filled.  Mine required them to be washed and then boiled.
Step 6:  Can the berries!  People have their own methods to do this.  I am a “rule follower” so I stuck to the directions on the box that came with my canning jars.  This involved pouring mix into the jars, wiping excess, and then reboiling after putting the cap on.  Some people just tip the jars upside down and let them seal that way.
Step 7:  12 hours later, enjoy, OR save the jars for up to a year!  Yum!!


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