How Do You Welcome Fall?

I am a beach girl at heart so I love my summers but I have to say the activities and weather during the Fall make it a very close second favorite season!  Cooler temperatures allow for a lot more outside time with the boys running around (well, Zack crawling) and there are always a TON of activities to participate in and attend.

One way we always welcome Fall is by attending the annual Fall Festival at our local Farmer’s Market!  They have animal exhibits, mazes, inflatables, crafts, hay rides, and most importantly-pumpkin picking!  It is always such a fun time and the boys love seeing the animals, riding on toy tractors, and enjoying treats that we always get at the “sweets” store located at the market.  Here are some pictures from our day at the festival last weekend!

How do you and your family welcome Fall?

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  1. Summer Johnson says

    Charlotte likes that first picture of Will sitting on the hay bale. She’s a little confused with her seasons though, lol. She said, “That’s Will. Can he come to Ocean Breeze with us?” We need to meet up for a playdate soon :)

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