Homemade Diaper Rash Treatment


diaper rash treat

Ok, we’ve all been there…a nasty diaper rash on our baby. We wonder if we can whip up a homemade diaper rash treatment to make it go away. My son never got one until we started solid foods; specifically apples and tomato sauce (to the horror of my italian husband). I tried everything from Desitin to breast milk (suggested by the doctor; it actually worked a little) but nothing would make the rash go completely away. So I did what many of us do, I hit the internet. While searching I came upon a home remedy chat room and found my cure to diaper rash.

Mix equal parts of vaseline and corn starch to make a paste.

It’s that simple and inexpensive! My son’s diaper rash was gone in 24 hours and now anytime he looks like he may even be getting a slight one, I use the mixture and it’s gone after that diaper change! Not only do I love love love this solution because it works and makes his little bottom all better, it costs next to nothing when compared to popular products such as Desitin (although I still use Desitin as a preventive). For those of you wondering, this mixture is doctor approved. It is a little messy to make but the benefits far outweigh the mess!

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  1. Christin says

    my mother in law told me to use the cornstarch plain in place or a cream, but I have used the vaseline one first the add the cornstarch powder over top too both work.


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