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Each week I bring you a craft that is fun and frugal. We always create a home vegetable garden so I thought why now share our home vegetable garden plan?! 

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Just a side note, I laminateas much as I can when doing crafts…it really helps to preserve them.

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Home Vegetable Garden Plan


1.  Brainstorm what you will grow: Sit down with your child and create a list of the vegetables or fruits they would like to grow in a garden.  Be sure to pick items that will grow well where you live.
2.  Pick the spot for your garden:  We plan on using a corner of the yard that gets full sun because many vegetables need a lot of sun. Plus this corner recently had a shed on top of it so there is plenty of moist soil.
3.  Stay on budget and stick to the plan.  Go online or to a local store to select and buy the seeds and other materials.  Stick to the list of plants you brainstormed-don’t impulse buy more seeds because you may not have the room to grow more than your plan allows.

Other hints to starting your garden:

    • We always start our seeds inside using a Jiffy 5032 Professional Greenhouse 25-Plant Starter Kitbecause our weather is so “iffy” in the spring.  We keep the plants inside as long as possible to prevent any damage that unstable temperatures can cause.
    • DSCN5853
    • Don’t plant all of your seeds…reserve some in case your first batch fails.  The seed packets generally come with A LOT of seeds so this shouldn’t be an issue.
    • Involve your child in all aspects of the garden.  Not only will they feel included and important, they will learn important lessons such as plant needs and life cycles.  Hopefully they will also learn to appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating the veggies and fruits they see in grocery stores!
    • Make sure to snag some Kids Garden Toolsso they can help!


Here are some books that can help when you involve your children with a home vegetable garden plan!

Gardening Projects for Kids: Fantastic ideas for making things, growing plants and flowers, and attracting wildlife to the garden, with 60 practical projects and 500 photographs

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Kids’ First Gardening Book: Fantastic Gardening Ideas for 5–12 Year Olds, from Growing Fruit and Vegetables and Having Fun with Flowers to Indoor and Outdoor Nature Projects

Grow Your Own Pizza: Gardening Plans and Recipes for Kids

Good Growing: A Kid’s Guide to Green Gardening (Klutz) (This one comes with seeds!)

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    The kids love growing their own flowers, I’m definitely going to try veggies next. Thanks!
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    Oh, the frist photo is adorable. Hè is taken very good care of his plants!
    Greets from Holland!
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