Home Remedies For Children Coughs


My oldest son used to start coughing as soon as his head hit the pillow at nap and bedtime.  I did not want to give him cough medicine so between asking the doctor and searching the web, we came up with these home remedies for children coughs.

Here are some of the remedies we found.  The first 2 are ones that we use every single night.

1.  Honey.  We give our son a small squirt of honey right before bed to soothe his throat.

2.  Vicks Vaporub:We apply a small amount of Vicks to the bottom of his feet and cover them with socks (by the way, this has worked wonders during times of cold/sickness with my youngest as well)!

3.  Boiled water:  Boil water in a pan and remove from heat.  Allow to cool just a bit and then inhale the steam still left. This can help loosen any mucus that may be hanging around

4.  Lemon Tea:  Obviously you’ll want to use decaffeinated tea. Simply prepare the tea and add lemon.  You can also add honey!

5.  Eucalyptus Oil:  Rub on their feet and cover with socks.

Do you have a home remedy that works?

Please note, I am by no means a doctor.  These home remedies for children coughs are simply based on things I have tried or been told by others.

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  1. nicole says

    Ginger tea. Heat milk or water in saucepan add powered ginger as much as you like. Drink wrap up in blanket and rest.


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