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Harris Teeter Triple Coupons-Sales Ad

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***Today is the LAST day to score these deals!***


Harris Teeter will be having triple coupons starting Wednesday, September 11th!

What are triples?

-Coupons will be tripled up to a 99 cent face value-this means a $0.75 coupon will be $2.25 off!
-As usual, there is a limit of 20 coupons per household per day
-3 like coupons and 2 like printables can be used in one transaction

Don’t miss my Harris Teeter Triple Coupons regular priced list!

Minute Rice Steamers $0.79 unadvertised
-$0.50 printable coupon

Annie’s Shells & Cheese Dinner $1
-$0.35 printable coupon 
Final=Free if included

Mt Olive Sandwich Stuffers $1.59
-$0.75 coupon from 8/25

Tabasco Pepper Sauce $1.25 unadvertised
-$0.50 printable coupon zip 90210

Progresso Vegetable Classics Soups $1
-$0.50/2 printable coupon
-$1/4 evic coupon
Final=4 for Free

Kraft Fresh Take $2.50 unadvertised
-$0.99 printable coupon zip 23460

Chobani Greek Yogurt $1
-$0.30 printable coupon
Final=10 cents

Hawaiian Punch Aloha $2.50 unadvertised
-$0.75 printable coupon
Final=25 cents

Turkey Hill Tea 64 oz $1.25
-$1 coupon from RP 8/4
Final=25 cents

Sister Schubert’s Parkerhouse Rolls or Yeast Rolls $3
-$0.75 printable coupon
Final=25 cents

Hamburger Helper $1
-$0.80/4 printable coupon
-$0.80/4 evic coupon
Final=20 cents each

Country Crock Spreadable Sticks $1.99 unadvertised
-$0.50 printable coupon
Final=49 cents

Muellers Penne or Bowtie $0.99
-$1/2 printable coupon
Final=49 cents

Honey Nut Cheerios $1.97 evic
-$0.50 printable coupon
Final=49 cents

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $2
-$0.50/2 printable coupon
-$0.50 printable coupon
-$0.50/2 evic coupon
Final=50 cents

Nature Valley Granola Bars $2.50
-$0.50/2 printable coupon
-$0.50 coupon from SS 8/4
Final=$1 each

Nabisco Wheat Thins $1.62
-$0.75/2 DND coupon from SS 8/11

Mrs. Pauls Fish Fillets $2.79
-$1 printable coupon

Newman’s Own Salad Dressing $3
-$0.50 printable coupon

Sargento Cheese $2
-$0.50 ibotta deposit

Polaner All Fruit $2
-$1/2 printable coupon

Ore Ida Fries $2.50
-$1/2 printable coupon
Final=$2 each

Special K Cereal $2.50
-$1/2 printable coupon

Wisk Detergent 50 oz $3.99
-$0.50 printable coupon

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