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Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip-75% Saved!

I did ok at Harris Teeter this morning.  I couldn’t believe the Bic pens were already gone at 6:45 am!  I will be hitting the store later this week after they get a truck to get some other deals and my fresh fruit/veggies for the week. 

See my list of matchups HERE!

Items Bought:
2 Hamburger Helper
2 Chicken Helper
3 Welch’s Grape Jelly
2 Tortilla Stuffers
1 Goldfish Grahams
1 Soft Scrub Cleaner
2 Pillsbury Sweet Moments (I know-but they look so good!)
1 BestLife Butter Spread
1 LA Looks Gel
1 HT Whole Wheat Tortillas

Total Spent:  $11.93
Total Saved:  $35.22 or 75%
Plus I earned $1.50 from the Hamburger Helper Catalina deal!

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4 Responses to "Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip-75% Saved!"

  1. Melissa Asaro says:

    I was there at 10am and the Soft Scrub was completely wiped out!! I was shocked–I thought I was getting there early!

  2. Tasia says:

    What aisle in the store did you find the Pillsbury Sweet Moments? I looked all over & could not find it!

  3. Dawn M says:

    When does the next truck come in?

    1. momondealz says:

      My store gets them Thursday nights/Friday mornings. You have to ask your specific store. :)

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