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Harris Teeter Coupon Match Ups 10/24

Don’t forget about Harris Teeter Super Doubles Starting next week (10/31)!

Here are the Harris Teeter Coupon match ups for the week starting 10/24 for around $2 and under!  Remember that Harris Teeter will double coupons up to 99 cents everyday with a limit of 20 coupons per day per household!

Suave Body Lotion $2.50
-$2 coupon from RP 10/14
Final=$0.50 each

Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup $1
-$0.40/2 or $0.40/4 coupon from SS 10/7
-$0.40/3 coupon from SS 9/16
Final=as low as $0.60 each

Barilla Pasta Sauce $1.27
Barilla Pasta Plus $1.67
-$1 off pasta and sauce SS 9/23 and 9/30
Final=$1.94 for both or $0.97 each

Aquafresh Toothpaste Extreme Clean $1.99
-$1 coupon from RP 10/14

Bailey’s Coffee Creamer $2.50
$0.75 off one BAILEYS Coffee Creamer
Final=$1 each

Campbell’s Chunky Soup $1.50-$2 depending on varieties
-$0.50/3 printable coupon
-$0.50/2 printable coupon
-$1/3 coupon from SS 9/23R
-$0.50/4 coupon from SS 10/21R
Final=as low as $1 each

Quaker Medleys $1.50
-$1/2 coupon from All You Oct.
Final=$1 each

Hefty Cups $1.64
-$0.55/2 coupon from SS 9/30
Final=$1.09 each

Ball Park Meat Franks $1.87
-$1/2 printable coupon
-$1/2 coupon from RP 9/30
-$0.75 coupon from RP 9/30
Final=as low as $1.12 each

Pepperidge Farm Packaged Bread $1.99
-$1/2 coupon from 9/30
-$0.40 coupon from 9/30
Final=as low as $1.19 each

Dole Fruit Crisps $2
-75¢ off when you buy any TWO DOLE® Fruit Crisps
Final=$1.25 each

Welch’s Essential Juice $1.99
-$1.00 off TWO (2) Welch’s Essentials Juice
Final=$1.49 each

Pepsi 12 pk $2.50
-$1 coupon from SS 10/7

Activia Breakfast Blend or Dannon Light & Fit Greek $3
-$0.75 coupon from SS 9/16

Cooked Perfect Meatballs $2.50
-$1 coupon from SS 10/7

Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breast $2.64
-$1 coupon from SS 10/21
-$1 coupon from All You Oct.

Bear Naked Granola $2.99
-$1 printable coupon

Sargento Sticks or Strings $3.50
-$1/1, $0.75/1, or $0.60/1 coupon from SS 9/23
Final=as low as $2 each

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