Good Temporary Hair Dye

hair dye

My friend Tracey posted this sort of “homemade hair dye recipe” on her Facebook page and I just had to share!  This is a good temporary hair dye if you have blond hair and very frugal also!


(preface)Only use washable markers. These cost $2 at Dollar General.

tracey 1


1.  Break open the chosen color and take out the inside color that is wrapped in a clear tube.

tracey 2

2.  Drop it inside of a spray bottle ($1 at Dollar General) filled with warm water about 1/2 way (the less water you are able to use the more concentrated the color will be).

tracey 3

3.  Shake and shake and shake until it turns the water a dark color of your marker.

4.  Sprayed where you want the color. Note the towel placed under the hair to protect clothing/skin.

5.  Blow dry.

6.  Done!

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