FREE Kids Book: Romy’s Garden Adventures (Christmas City)

Here’s a nice little freebie that is also a perfect holiday read!

Right now you can get the book Romy’s Garden Adventures (Christmas City)for FREE on your Kindle or Kindle Fire. Don’t have a Kindle device? No problem-simply download this appto read the book on your phone, PC, or iPad.

About the book:

Romy’s Garden Adventures: Christmas City is written and illustrated by children’s book author Rob Towner. In this adventure, Romy gets to hang out with some of her favourite friends from the animal kingdom including a snail, a bear dressed in a business suit, a turtle and even a talking tree named ‘Surprised Tree’. This is a warm, adorable and slightly odd tale about the importance of sharing time with friends and family during the holiday season. At the very core of this Christmas story is the theme of friendship. Author Rob Towner was raised celebrating Christmas every year and believes that no matter what your religious background is, Christmas is a great excuse to give presents and to celebrate with friends and family.

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