Free Holiday Cards, Gift Tags, & More + Welcome WGNT Viewers!

If you’re visiting Momondealz because you caught me this morning talking with Kristen on the news (channel WTKR/WGNT), welcome!

Here are the deals of the week that we discuss:

Holiday Card Deals 


-Several discounts already released for Busch Gardens Christmas Town but we are still waiting on the “big” one.  So far the deals released are $5 off coupons and 3 day tickets for $17.50

Home Depot Light Exchange-Bring in old or broken lights and get LED lights discount

Whole Living Magazine only $3.99/year
Budget Travel Magazine Only $3.50/year after 10 am

Posh Baby Consignment Sale is this weekend!

Fall Hand Print Wreath

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  1. KAILA P says

    Hello looking for christmas gift tag templates online. Would like to put my sons photo in it and send awaya for cards. Thank you


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