Free Chili’s & Sbarro, Starbucks Deals, & Other Top Deals of the Week!

If you’re visiting Momondealz because you caught me this morning talking with Kristen on the news (channel WTKR/WGNT), welcome!

Here are the deals of the week that we discussed:

Food/Beverage Dealz

Starbucks 12 Days of Deals
This continues until December 12th. Wednesday’s deal is December 5th: Get a Red, Blue, or Gold acrylic tumbler for $5.95

Chili’s Holidaily Deals
These deals are everyday until 12/24: Today’s deal is Free Molten dessert

There is a coupon for a free slice of pizza available right now!

Natural, healthy chicken Zaycon Foods
Buffalo Wings: $2.99/lb Contains (2) 10lb boxes

Breaded Chicken Tenders $1.99/lb or $39.80 per box

Holiday Dealz:

50 Holiday Cards for only $15

Amazon still has lightning deals happening with a focus on different items each day-today’s is camera, photo, and video-tomorrow’s is TOYS!

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