FREE Book: Beyond the Chore Chart: Chores, Kids, & The Secret To A Happy Mom!

This looks like a very helpful and free book!  I definitely plan on downloading it!

Right now you can get Beyond the Chore Chart: Chores, Kids, and the Secret to a Happy Momfor FREE on your Kindle or Kindle Fire. Don’t have a Kindle device? No problem-simply download this appto read the book on your phone, PC, or iPad.

About the book:

When it comes to books on chores, we moms need something that would go beyond just hanging up an age appropriate chore chart up on the wall, and assuming everyone would catch on and start helping out. There’s a process to getting your helpers to really help you out, and in this book I share my own tricks of the trade, getting your little helpers to become big helpers!  Learn the secret to getting your kids to help you with household chores, without yelling at your kids. Why training your children step by step to do each job prevents frustration for you and them. How to teach your children, at different ages, to help with chores. Ways to make helping around the house fun.

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