Filled Coupon Binder-Nationwide Giveaway!



Haven’t been able to figure out how to organize your coupons? Don’t want to spend money on a binder?

If so A Frugal Chick, Mom on Dealz and The Coupon Challenge have a great give away for you! Your very own filled coupon binder (it is a zipper binder full of sheet protectors for your future use). It is organized by inserts (there will be about 15 of them), so you can decide if you want to cut them or leave them intact!

While it is not full yet over the next two weeks we will be cramming it full of inserts, ready to use!

So, would you like to find a filled coupon binder in your mail box? We are dying to give it away to one of our readers!

Since the three of us combined are giving away the binder you have to visit all three sites to enter. You can enter up to 4 times. Here is how:

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me what time you went to bed on New Year’s Eve.

2. Leave a comment on this post at The Coupon Challenge telling her about your favorite holiday gift.

3. Leave a comment on this post at A Frugal Chick and tell her about the favorite gift you gave this season.

You MUST leave a comment on all three sites to win. That is your first entry.

4. Follow A Frugal Chick on facebook. Leave a comment here telling me that you do. Leaving a comment on facebook does not count!

5. Follow Mom on Deals on facebook. Leave a comment here telling her that you do.

6. Follow The Coupon Challenge on facebook. Leave a comment here telling her that you do.

A winner will randomly be selected on January 15th from all of the entries. Once the winner has been verified we will e-mail them. They will have 24 hours to respond. If they do not, a new winner will be chosen!

Good luck!

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  1. Melissa Abrams says

    My favorite gift I gave this year for Christmas was a Kate Spade wallet for my mother-in-law. She doesn’t own a designer, well, anything, and always envys my bags when we visit, so I picked up an amazing one at the outlet for an awesome price.

  2. Bess Darr says

    I hate to say, but I went to bed around 11:00 or 11:30. With 2 young kids in the house, I am tuckered out by then. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough.

  3. Lynne Hendrick says

    Not sure which you want here so I will give you both the time I went to bed (11pm) on New year’s and the favorite gift I gave (a donation to the Gentle Barn in honor of my brother-in-law and his partner). Your list above is different from A frugal Chick’s list.

  4. GSal says

    I followed A Frugal Chick on FB, I already follow Mom On Deals on FB and I followed The Coupon Challenge on FB.

  5. Diane G says

    The favorite gift i gave this season was a lighting mcqueen bike to my son — this is his first year he is loving the idea of Santa and “gets it” and that is all he asked for. watching his eyes light up was amazing!

  6. Mavis Schlichtmann says

    Favortite gift that I gave was a new (used) phone for my 13 year old who had been without for several months :) I also follow you on FB. Boy, I sure hope that I got all the comments in the right places for chance to win binder. Happy New year!

  7. Anne Brooks says

    The favorite gift I gave to my husband (really it was for me but I gave to him)…a Thomas Kincade Painting of Gatlinburg, TN.

  8. Amy Miller says

    my husband and i and my sister in law and brother in law split the cost of new tires, brakes, and an alignment for his mother.

  9. Kiana Barnes says

    The favorite gift that I gave this season was a debit card and checking account to my 15 1/2 year old daughter. Not only was she thrilled to have her own card and account. It felt good knowing that we are teaching her now how to manage money responsibly, spend a little and save a lot!

  10. Jessie Ard Carden says

    I gave my girls gifts that they really loved. My oldest got her pink mp3 player w/ music loaded on it (she could not put it down) & my 2 1/2 year old got a pop up castle & all she would say when someone asked her what she got for Christmas was-“I got a castle!” Those were the best

  11. pamela jablonski says

    the favorite gift i gave was a beautiful print of a buck on the woods with a scripture verse for my husband

  12. Angela says

    The favorite gift I gave to my husband was a photo mug with a gag photo that I had given my husband for his 50th birthday. A gift/photo that he’ll be’ll be reminded of every day when he has his coffee !! lol

  13. Jami Sims says

    My favorite gift I have was digital pic frames for the grandparents even beyer got a great deal on them on black friday.!

  14. Amy B says

    Ok, on A Frugal Chick and on The Coupon Challenge’s pages it says we tell you our favorite gift we gave…. But yours says we tell you time we went to bed?? So I will tell you both.
    I went to bed close to 1a.m. After fighting with my 7 month old for 30 minutes to go back to sleep lol.
    The best gift I gave thid year was my husbands new cell phone. He has had his for 2 yrs and it shuts off by itself. I lied and told him, our plan wasnt up till jan. 1st but it really was up the beg of Dec.. I ordered a phone I knew he would love. Hid it for 2 weeks. And woke up at 3am Christmas morning to program it, wrap it, and placed it under the christmas tree. After the kids finished opening their gifts, I texted mt mom to call his phone. I acted like I had no clue what was ringing and he was frantic to find it. He tore into that box soooo fast and had the bigges smile on his face. I hadnt seen him that excited about anything since our son was born in June.

  15. Amy B says

    I follow A Frugal Chick, Mom on dealz, and The Coupon Challenge on Facebook. I love saving money expecially when its stretched thin with 3 kids lol. Thank you ladies for making saving money, easy and fun!

  16. Angela Steklenski says

    The favorite gift I gave to my husband was a photo mug with a gag photo that I had given my husband for his 50th birthday. A gift/photo that he’ll be’ll be reminded of every day when he has his coffee !

  17. Janna Harris says

    The gift I gave in 2011 that was my favorite had to be the main gift to my husband, a dehydrater. My husband loves dried fruit for trail mix, and this was the perfect gift for him! We’re testing it out today!

  18. Hillary says

    The favorite gifts I gave were some handprint ornaments to all the grandparents. We painted my daughter’s handprint, and I decorated each finger as a snowman. They were adorable!

  19. Beverly Mallard says

    I gave my daughter tickets to see Wicked, I had to save all year but was able to get her great seats and we are both very excited to go see it.

  20. Jenni James says

    My favorite gift I gave this year was an Ambulance Christmas ornament I gave my 19 year old son that said “Our Miracle on 64”.. he was in a horrible car accident back in August and it is a miracle he is here with us!

  21. Stephanie Niavez says

    I went to bed at 10:45 pm after a full day at Colonial Williamsburg and Buch Gardens Christmastown.

  22. Tanya Stewart says

    Saw a difference in what to leave here so I’m leaving both just in case. I fell asleep at 11:30 and woke up at 12:15 realizing I missed the ball drop. The favorite gift I gave this year was the refillable movie theater popcorn bucket for my 9 yr old nephew. When I bought the bucket in Nov, it was full of popcorn and we used it another 3 times when I took my own kids to the movies before Christmas. Saved me money and my nephew loved it. I filled it w/ some candy for him to enjoy too. We don’t usually buy popcorn at the movies so it was a nice treat for my kids.

  23. deb k says

    I went to bed at 12:10. I stay up just long enough. I’m already a fan on facebook. My favorite present is finding out that my step daughter is pregnant. It will be are first grandbaby.

  24. Michelle C says

    My favorite gift I gave this year was via Santa- “he” gave my 2 year old the Dora umbrella she asked for. It’s just wonderful to witness a child believing in magic!

  25. Tammie says

    Favorite gift I gave was the tools I got my husband. Mostly because it was the first year I haven’t had to spend a ton of money on video gaming stuff. LOL

  26. Amy says

    My favorite gift(s) were pieces of fiestaware! I have been wanting it for years and still kick myself for not registering before my wedding. Between my mom, mother in law and grandparents I have a few serving bowls plus enough place settings for 6! I also was given a gift card to buy whatever other pieces I want/ need. My family was very generous this year for Christmas and I am very thankful to have them. Now my dishes are not less than 2 years old and chipped :)

    • Amy says

      Wrong board. My favorite gift I gave is a tie between the toy tractor that I gave my husband (He collects John Deere), I was able to hunt down the one he has really want since I met him 6 years ago. The other gift was for my sister in law, I gave her an 8qt Martha Stewart Stainless stock pot and a $20 American Eagle gift card and was able to stay under our $35 limit!

  27. Heidi G. says

    The favor it gift I gave would have to be the six Norelco electric razors that I was able to purchase for nothing but tax thanks to coupons.

  28. Katheryne Potts says

    My favorite holiday gift that I gave was to my husband, a new guitar…so he can fill our house with beautiful music :)

  29. Danielle says

    The favorite gift I gave would probably be the things I gave my parents. They always get me so much and it was nice to be able to get them many things they wanted!

  30. Kim Arthur says

    I gave my daughters teacher an AV Adapter and HDMI cable for the I pad so they could show everything on the tv. It allows the whole class to learn from the computer at once instead of a small handful. education is priceless and she was so happy to get the tools to be a more effective teacher

  31. Dani B says

    My favorite gift I gave this year was to my 2 1/2 year old daughter. We got her a play Cinderella’s castle. Just the look on her face when she opened it was priceless and made my heart melt.

  32. Becky says

    My favorite gift I gave was some of my stock pile to someone down on luck. They lost their job and no real income.

  33. MELISSA says

    All the home made baskets with goodies that I gave to everyone….cookies, cakes, chex mix, canned jams and apple butters. Yum!!!

  34. cathy page says

    The favorite gift I gave was singing carols at the nursing home my mom is at. I was pretty bad, but they loved it anyway! Come to think of it, this counts as favorite gift received too! 😮

  35. Rachel says

    My favorite gift I gave was hard to find soda for my dad I found that we couldn’t find for years! He loved it & was so excited opening it when he realized what it was!

  36. Dana says

    Our friends bought their first house this year. We took black and white photos of each place they had lived during their marriage and framed them. They loved it!

  37. Erin Sadler says

    I went to bed on NYE at 10:30! Didn’t make it to watch the ball drop! LOL!

    My favorite gift to give this year was the experience of spending Christmas Eve with my husband and stepson. We normally spend Christmas Day with the little guy but this year switched it up a bit. He still believes in Santa so it was so much fun to watch as the excitement built up for him…making cookies for Santa, leaving out celery and carrots for the reindeer. Watching him come downstairs on Christmas morning with so much excitement! Loved it! These memories are the best kind of gift.

  38. Carrin says

    My favorite gift that I gave this year was giving some of our gently used toys to our local Ronald McDonald House. My kids loved meeting some of the kids who were staying there while under the care of their doctors and were very proud to be able to make them happy!

  39. Amanda Piper says

    The best gift I gave was my daughter’s desk…she is getting older and wanted her own desk in her room. She loves it!

  40. Kellie Riley says

    I love Thirty-One and I really like it when I can buy their products at a reduced rate. My favorite this year was the Littles Carry-All Caddy, I filled with a tissue box, handsanitizer and some other items for my daughters bus driver.

  41. Pam B. says

    My favorite gift I gave this Christmas was my daughter’s American Girl doll. The look on her face was priceless…she was so happy!!

  42. Liz Wood says

    So confused on what you need to know. Went to bed at 2 on New’s Years. I follow you on facebook and website. Best gift wa Muppet Animal pj’s for my 5 r old.

  43. Nicole says

    I gave my pregnant sister who loves Greek Mythology a big children’s books with the myths as children stories. It was personal and thoughtful and she loved it.

  44. Suzanne says

    My husband got a new car this fall and the old one had a bunch of decals on it. So for Christmas I got him two. A red Not of this world one and I think his favorite was the one that says Air Force veteran. He was so excited!

  45. Shavaughn says

    My favorite gift that I gave was a goody box to my neighbor who has been very good to my family this past year. It had lots of fruit and candy in it. All of it was purchased with coupons so not an expensive gift but one I hope conveyed some appreciation.

  46. Erin Ryals says

    I happily gave my husband a Garmin heart rate monitor watch for Christmas as my favorite gift I gave. He has been extremely ill for the last several years, and now that he is better he can actually run!!!!

  47. Jennifer says

    My favorite gift I gave was to my youngest child (age 5) which is a wooden barbie doll house (one of only a few things she asked for and she has been playing with it non-stop since we got it put together last Tuesday)!

  48. Stacy N. says

    My fave gift I gave was a flat screen TV to my mom and my oldest son, and all the gifts I gave to my two younger children, because they had the best Christmas in many years thanks to the savings from couponing. 😀

  49. Christie says

    I went to bed at 4:30. I went out with girlfriends and then out for breakfast after. Best New Year’s Eve in a very long time!

  50. Latisha says

    My favorite holiday gift this year is my KitchenAid mixer!!! I’ve been dreaming of and drooling over this appliance for the past few years now and Santa finally brought me one this year!

  51. Andrea Reynolds says

    The gift I loved giving the most was a Neon yellow faux christmas tree with John Deere ornaments to my father-in-law who collects John Deere Memorabilia.

  52. Aimee Haywood says

    The gist I gave this year that I loved was everything that was on my husband’s list: jeans from Old Navy (two pairs for price of one AND three shirts to go with them), a volleyball(half price), and the thing that wasn’t on his list a Blu Ray player(Black Friday deal). I got all of it within my budget and saved a ton of money!

  53. Julie says

    the gift i was most excited to give was an i phone for my daughter. i used my upgrade to get it for her so she was totally surprised

  54. Kathy W says

    Not sure which one is needed but I went to bed at 130 am on New Year’s Eve and my favorite holiday gift I gave this season was Cars 2 7-car set at Target which I purchased for 50% off for my son and his cousins.

  55. Candiss says

    My favorite I gave this year was calendars of my children to all of the grandparents…now every month they will get to see a new picture of them :)

  56. Diana says

    The best gift I gave this year was a recipe box with the cards pre-filled in with my sister’s favorite recipes.

  57. Amanda Keen says

    My favorite gift I gave this holiday was suprising my sister for christmas by showing up at her house 3000 miles away :)

  58. Melissa says

    My favorite gift I gave was more tools for my husband. Now he’ll have some for our home instead of always leaving them at work.

  59. Joy says

    The fav gift I gave was a tazer that looks like a cell phone that I got my daughter, who is a college student…lol.

  60. Marilyn says

    My favorite gift was a DVD of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” given to two little boys who reacted with sheer delight!

  61. Yvonda says

    My favorite gift I gave this season was wheat thin crackers to my hubby. Odd I know but he doesn’t ask for junk food often and had been telling me how he was craving them. He was so thrilled

  62. Anna mcalister says

    My favorite gift I gave was the photo book of my son I made for my and my husbands parents from the day we found out I was pregnant through Christmas this year.

  63. Lisa says

    The best gift I gave this year were the photo books I gave my boys of two of our trips over the years. I love to see their faces when they look at pictures of themselves when they were much younger. :)

  64. Dawn Sando says

    My favorite holiday gift to give was gift baskets filled with everyday health & beauty products from my stockpile. Everyone LOVED them and it was a very thrifty gift. I had to do this because the lack of funds this year. Turned out great!! :)

  65. Carol says

    The best gift I gave was a custom made t-shirt for my dad, an 85 yr old WWII vet. The t-shirt was a drawing of a shellback (turtle) sweeping a mine with the caption “Where the fleet goes, we’ve already been”. Dad was on a minesweeper during the war. He really loves the shirt. Thank you for all you do to help us get more for our hard earned money.


  66. Melonie says

    The favorite gift I gave was a nutcracker to my granddaughter. She asked Santa for one and believe it or not, she loved that gift more than anything..


    The best gift I gave was a AAA membership to my daughter…she has an old car and could really use it.

  68. stephanie miller says

    the most fave gift i gave was to my mom, i won a gc to red envelope and got her the peas in a pod necklace, a silver pod with 4 pearl peas for all 4 of her grandchildren! she loved it!

  69. Jackie says

    The fav gift I gave this season was the laptop for my oldest daughter, she was very excited and didn’t know she was getting it :)

  70. Beth B. says

    My favorite gift I gave was to my parents. I created a moviemaker photo slide show with old pictures that included music.

  71. Kristen says

    The favorite gift I gave this year was my husbands xbox/kinect bundle. I stood in line at Walmart for waiting 3 hours on black friday for that awesome deal and he was so thrilled…double score!!

  72. Brandy says

    The best gift I gave this year was the many gift bags full of stuff that I had saved money on through out last year.

  73. Tracy says

    As others have stated, not sure which comment you want on this site….I posted what time I went to bed on A Frugal Chick’s site (1pm after a toast and prayer with hubby). My most favorite gift(s) I gave were gallery-wrapped canvases made from family pics to my parents and in-laws. They absolutely loved them, and, even better, we got a great Plum District deal on them!

  74. robin says

    I gave my twin nieces gift baskets that I created couponing they included shampoo, conditioner, shavers with shaving cream. There was 10+ items in it that cost a total of $10 and they loved them…

  75. Kelly Rettig says

    went to bed at 1am

    favorite gift i gave was to my son. his eyes lit up so much when he got his ride/push toy

  76. Tomika says

    We went to bed around 4am on New Year’s. I’m taking couponing to another level so I could really use that binder. Thxs for the chance.

  77. Erin Loy says

    This year my favorite gift that I gave away were pictures that my sister and myself had taken. Everyone loved them!! :)

  78. brandi says

    My favorite gift we gave was a 200 dollar gift card to my mother inlaw to go buy herself a gift because she is always doing for everyone else but her self!

  79. Charlotte says

    My favorite gift that I gave this year was for my nephew. His parents are separated and arent really making him their priority this year. So my husband and I tried to do that for him. We gave him a train table that he is absolutely in love with.

  80. Jen Marcus says

    My husband and I got a basketball hoop for our son. He’s 6 and loves it! Doesn’t matter how cold it is outside, he wants to play.

  81. Jennifer Chaisson says

    My favorite gift I gave was to my husband (and me), it was the kitchenaid mixer that was so very cheap at Kohl’s the day after Thanksgiving (I think)

    • Michelle says

      Okay so I was confused. lol My favorite gift that I gave was the 1983 cabbage patch kid that I gave to my daughter.

  82. Susan Bryant says

    I fell asleep at 11 pm!! I was exhausted after the holiday week!!!!!! Thanks for the chance to win this, I have been hoping to win a binder so I csn get my coupons more organized!

  83. Angela Hester says

    My favorite gift(s) to give this year were my homemade noodles and baby items for my soon to be 1st grandson, which I purchased on an online yardsale site

  84. Errin Sheets says

    The favorite gift I gave this year is a 12 month calendar I gave my friend of pictures of the two of us from the past year with little insider sayings and quotes that are only funny to us.

  85. shawna says

    My favorite holiday gift that I gave was a gift certificate to the Melting Pot for a friend of mine that always pampers others and not herself :)

  86. Angela G says

    Fav gift that I gave was money to mom. She never buys anything for herself so I hope she spends it on something fun!

  87. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    the toys that we got for our grandbabies, and to just see the smile on their faces, this was a tough Christmas for them, they lost their dad in May

  88. Jayme From WI says

    My favorite gift I gave this year was a combined gift from my sister and I (and our families) to our Mom. We gave her a 3DS. We worked hard and saved–and kept it a total secrete. It was perfect. :-)

    jaymee76 at gmail dot com

  89. Grace says

    I got an excellent deal on a tuxedo for my husband and he was estatic. He jumped up and tried it on as soon as he opened it. Priceless! Mama did real good.:)

  90. says

    We did not exchange gifts this year since money was so tight so I hope I win so I can get to couponing in order to get our finances back on track. *fingers crossed*

  91. Meridith Welcher says

    My favorite gift that I gave this year was a “Journey” ring to my oldest step-daughter, whose biological mother has passed away, and she is now pregnant with her own child! I am very close with her and I found this Journey ring and it was just the “perfect” expression of how I hope she perceives life!

  92. Connie says

    I went to bed at 1:30am on New Years Eve.

    My favorite gift I gave this year was cologne for my husband that makes snuggling even more wonderful and sexy, even after being together almost 30 years.

  93. Mimi says

    The favorite gift I gave was the bubble maker to my daughter because she was so happy, she wanted one so bad. she played with it all day.

  94. Lisa S. says

    My favorite gift I gave this year was the soccer jersey of Real Madrid’s “Cristiano Ronaldo” to my 13y.o. daughter. All of my children play soccer but she REALLY, REALLY loves Ronaldo. She put it as her #1 on her Christmas list and the joy on her face when she opened it is something I will never forget!

  95. Courtney says

    My favorite gift that I gave this year was a fabulous pink zebra coupon holder for my friend who is just staring out with coupons!

  96. Megan says

    I gave my dad a cooler that plugs into the car. He loves Diet Coke and is always in the car for his job. I know he was surprised and it is something he will get a ton of use out of. I was even more excited to give it to him!

  97. sandy weinstein says

    i did not give much nor did i give much….i dont celebrate xmas, i am jewish. i did give my time and comfort to someone in the hospital and rehab center….for abt 2 wks.
    i gave gifts to my 4 legged girls, but they get gifts all of the time, not just at the holidays.

  98. Dave says

    Not sure which response to give cause the other site is reverse so i’ll give both. I went to bed abut 1:30. As for the best gift I gave it needs a bit of an explanation but i’ll be brief. My wife is on a dart league but hasn’t been able to play this year due to my work schedule (I work overnights). That is usually her outlet from our two kids. So as a surprise, I set up with my boss to come in late to work so my wife could attend the final dart match with her team for the 2011 season while I stayed home with the girls.

    P.S. I also follow y’all on FB

  99. Sheri O. says

    I gave my dd a bed for her American Girl doll! She saved her money for the doll, but didn’t have enough for a bed, so I scored one on eBay!

  100. Meg says

    My favorite gift I gave was handmade jewelry made by some girls at the orphanage in Nicaragua where I volunteer

  101. Tracy s says

    When I saw my boys opening up there 3dsi.. They didn’t think I would get for them.. Also my oldest got a iPod he was so happy…

  102. Crystal B. says

    My fave gift that we have this year would be the trampolione we gave my daughter. Her face was priceless and she has been on it everyday since, even when it was in the 30’s!

  103. Heidi says

    My favorite gift I gave was a makeup carrier I gave my
    daughter w/nail polishing
    supplies inside. Before she unzipped it she said, “nice
    I can keep all my polishes
    In here.” Then to find out that’s. what I intended was special.She does hers and her daughters nails all the time.

  104. Amanda says

    This year is a hard year to pick which is the favorite gift I gave. This year I made my mom a scrapbook and each of my uncles received a blanket I made. I enjoyed looking at all their faces as they opened their gifts.

  105. Shannon Sharp says

    We gave the grandchildren tickets to Christmastown. It was the first time for them and their parents.

  106. Kara says

    A Frugal Chick had the link saying to tell what my favorite gift that I gave was. I made a bouquet of buttons for my SIL…it was springing out of a salt shaker with colored sand in the bottom.

  107. Cathy Wilson says

    The favorite gift I gave this holiday season was a cardboard box made into the shape of a rocketship which my three year old grandson could play in and color it. He loved it! Best part, I got it for less than half price on black friday – thanks to watcing money saving websites like this one!

  108. James Greiner says


    The favorite gift I gave this year (and quite possibly for many years) was a Christmas Stocking to my Sweetheart. We met this past year. She is truly my Soul Mate. We fit together so well. She didn’t have a stocking. I have one that my Grandmother made (about 50-ish years ago). I made one for my Sweetheart modelled after mine and included a toy whistle on hers that my Grandmother had put on mine. All hand sewn. She loved it.

    God Bless,

    Jim G.

  109. Kelly says

    The favorite gift I gave this holiday season was my son’s electric guitar. He is 16 and doesn’t get excited about a lot of things, but this one really brought a smile to his face!

  110. sarah peedin says

    The favorite gift I gave this year was 2 angry birds games. One went to my youngest niece & the other was for my friend’s son. I love that it is an entertaining game that is not electronic. Both kids loved it :-)

  111. Tracy D. says

    My fav gift I gave this year was a lumbar pillow with built in massage for my mom to use after shes been working in the garden,

  112. Beth B says

    I gave my whole family a trip to Disney World…With the way things are right now. I felt everyone needed to get away and what better place than Disney…My nephew actually cried when he and his twin brother and sister opened the gift. It was just amazing to do this for everyone. But I will have to say I couldn’t have done it w/out clipping coupons :)

  113. Lisa says

    My favorite gift that I gave this year was a yoga mat bag to my roommate. I had it specially made for her, and she was beyond thrilled!

  114. Wendy says

    I am following you on FB and the best gift I gave this holiday was everything for my Children…to see their face on Christmas morning!! :)

  115. Heather D. says

    My favorite gift that I gave this year is the same as my previous post on the other site (even though I gave it and didn’t receive it). A photo collage mug of pictures of my husband as a young boy with his father (who has passed away). He was amazed and surprised by it and it seems he uses the mug every day now!!!!

  116. Tish says

    The favorite gift I gave, ironically, was a Coupon purse I had made for my niece out of fabric with the logo of her favorite NFL team, The Washington Redskins. Took me forever to find the right fabric and someone to put it together for me. But it was awesome.

  117. Shari says

    My favorite gift I gave this year would have to be the one for my dad. My mom and I got him a gym membership along with some new workout clothes so that he can stay on top of his health.

  118. Tish says

    It is wrong to fall in love with a website? I wish I had found you sooner. Thanks for telling us about all of these deals!

  119. Tracy says

    The best gift we gave this christmas was i think my 3yr olds Barbie Bike, The look on her face when she saw it was amazing!

  120. Jennifer Schellingburger Smith says

    Went to bed at 4:30am. Not by choice though lol. Had an incident with ou water dispenser on our refrigerator.=)

  121. Michele Lightsey says

    I went to bed at 4:30 am and my boys woke me at 7:30am but it was ok I got to spend time with my best friend

  122. Jennifer Schellingburger Smith says

    @ The Coupon Challenge- My favorite gift(s) this year was my personalized photo fleece blanket and my digital photo frame. I am a picture fanatic =)

  123. Jennifer Schellingburger Smith says

    @ TCC-My favorite gift(s) this year was my personalized photo fleece blanket and my digital photo frame. I am a picture fanatic =)

  124. Jennifer Schellingburger Smith says

    @AFC-The best gift that I gave this year was actually 2 of them. We have 2 1/2 year old twins and I made a dress up clothing wardrobe for our daughter and a personalized train table for our son. The expression on their faces was priceless and a memoy that I will cherish forever. =)

  125. Lynell Carter says

    Favorite gift I gave was my son a mp3 and a sweatshirt that you hook it up and the sound comes out the strings? You know? Yeah that.

  126. Heidi Schmidt says

    My favorite gifts that I gave were ones we did for an Angel tree (for those who don’t know what that is, it is a tree with ornaments with ages and genders of children in need, you take an ornament and then purchase a gift for the child, wrap it, and stick it back under the tree, around Christmas, the gifts are delivered!) It is so rewarding to give gifts to those less fortunate!!! And I LOVE being able to coupon to give gifts that are not hard on my budget!!!!

  127. Dana Dearbaugh says

    Favorite gift I gave this year was new work boots to my hubby. We hadn’t been able to afford them (his were trashed). Found a good deal for them

  128. Kendra Schofield says

    I worked really hard on some homemade snowglobes with my kids pictures this year. I enjoyed giving them to my mother-in-law.

  129. missy wilber says

    My favorite holiday gift given this year would be to my parents. They have wanted a flatscreen tv for a long time and can never afford one, so this Christmas- they got one! My mom was so excited she couldnt wait to leave and go home and hook it up! LOL.

  130. Michelle Smith says

    My favorite gift I gave this year was the Step 2 kitchen for my 3 yr old. I loved watching her open it up. Best of all, both she and her 5 yr old sister are occupied for hours with it!

  131. amy says

    The favorite gift I gave was the gift of time to my parents. All my sisters and their families are taking them away for a weekend.

  132. Deb Anderson says

    My Mom visited this Christmas, when it was time for her to go, like always she weighs her suitcase. So this christmas I got her a “handheld weigh hook” to weigh her suitcases. It didn’t cost much, but she loved it because it fit a need of hers. She’s like that.

  133. says

    My favorite gift given this holiday season was the Kindle I gave my husband. He is always lugging around these huge books to study for advancement exams and now he can put them all on his Kindle and only have a little thing to carry 😉

  134. Kristy says

    The best gift that I gave this holiday season would be the mini camcorder for my husband. He is a gadget lover and now enjoys using it to capture the fun moments of life with our new 4 month old son.

  135. Lisa K. says

    Went to bed at 1 am. My favorite gift to give was to my daughter – the Loving Family Mini Van for her dollhouse. She was so excited to get it, and has used it every single day since!

  136. Christina says

    The favorite gift I gave this year was the Angry Birds plush toy to mom since she’s a technophobe but completely enthralled with Angry Birds. lol

  137. Shannon McDaniel says

    The best gift I gave for Christmas was for my 6 month old little girl. It was rated for 1 year old but we couldn’t pass up the deal. We gave her a Fisher Price lil’ Quads the original price was $71.96 and it was discounted 50% off brand new in the box. Final price 35.98. The crazy thing is she actually presses the buttons and rides. It too funny.

  138. Cheryl Baldini says

    My favorite gift I gave was a Christmas container of homemade baked goods to families in our church. I will never forget the year a single elderly man said ‘thank you for the baked goods, that is the only gift I got this year. I am savoring every bite and only eating one item per day so I can make it last’. That was the first year I did it and this year was the 8th year I’ve done it. Brings great joy to see others enjoy something so simple yet full of love!

  139. says

    Favorite gift I gave this season. Well we don’t really have a gift budget at our house, but we did manage to gift the kids in our life. I think I would have to go with the matching Tinker Bell outfits that I scored for my grandaughter’s which I found for buy one get one free. $15.00 to get both girls the cutest little outfit, and they needed new clothes!

  140. GRACE COLON says


  141. Lauri Daniels says

    I gave a Leap Pad Explorer to my grand daughter. She rides quite a ways in the car with her Mom and now has something to do.

  142. Holly S says

    I went to bed just after the ball dropped at like 12.10am… but I have a three month old that was going to be up around 4am so I couldn’t afford to stay up any longer!! 😉

  143. Holly S says

    My favorite gift we gave was a fisher price stage/ singing mirror we gave to our niece who is such a ham and loves to perform. She loves it. My sister-in-law says she loves it!!

  144. Michelle says

    Uh….favorite gift??? Gave my nephew various toys for no reason and to watch him open them was GREAT

    Following in FB

  145. Jessica Yager says

    about a year ago my father passed away suddenly while on a family vacation…in our haste to leave to attend to family obligations we left some things behind at our rented vacation home. One of the things being a cooking pot my mom and him had received when the had gotten married 28 years before. Well, I called the rental company to see if it was still there and sure enough it was. They sent it to me right away! I wrapped it up and stuck it under the tree for my mom! Needless to say, she was more than ecstatic when she opened the box! She couldn’t have imagined it ever being returned!

  146. Sylvia Ortiz says

    I didn’t have any money for gifts this holiday, so the best gift I gave was simply my time, love & affection to each of my children.

  147. Lizzi Grimes says

    I gave gift baskets filled with goodies from my stockpile like razors, toothpaste, shaving cream, nail polish, makeup, body wash, etc. Everyone loved them!

  148. Sharon Ward says

    Our favorite gift to give had to be the commemorative Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that we gave to our grandchildren this year. Although they are collector’s items, I happily clipped off the tags so that the two local granddaughters could carry their “dollies” around and play with them – that’s what those dolls were meant for!

  149. Arlene Whitfield says

    I gave my hubby a ACER Aspire laptop and he loes it so this was the best gift I gave this year! :)

  150. Tricia Paine says

    My husband is a biking fanatic and I purchased a helmet camera for him at an INCREDIBLE price through Amazon and one of their one-day deals.

  151. Melissa Austin says

    My favorite gift that I gave this year was a gift card to a family that just moved into their own apartment after living with in-laws for over a year.

  152. Suzanne Wheatley says

    Favorite gift I gave this year was a special power tool to my hubby, he was totally surprised & thrilled. I got a great deal on it too :)

  153. Donna Burgoon says

    My favorite holiday gift that I gave was a key finder for my dear husband who is forever losing his keys! He loved it!

  154. Kira Cubin says

    My favorite holiday gift I gave was a Kindle Fire that we gave to our daughter, she was so excited and uses it everyday!

  155. Kristin K says

    My favorite gift I gave this year was being able to actually give my husband all of his gifts this year. Plus watching my kids open their gifts and be so thankful for the little things!

  156. Raymona says

    My favorite gift I gave away was a 2012 calendar with the family pictures and each birthday/anniversary on the calendar. Its a gift they can use all year long

  157. Tammy says

    I had a picture of my daughter enlarged into a 11×14 print, had it framed and gave it to my Grandma. Distance keeps us from seeing her much.

  158. Megan F says

    My favorite gift that I gave was a LeapPad to my daughter. She wanted it SO bad and was so excited Christmas morning!

  159. Wanika says

    I saved up some money from coupons to be able to buy one of my daughters an American Girl that she REALLY wanted!

  160. Ashley says

    My favorite gift I gave was a simple shirt. I got it for my mom on a whim and my dad told me yesterday that he can hardly get it washed fast enough. As soon as it is clean she wears it again.

  161. says

    My favorite gift I gave this year was to my 18 month old toddler-a Mr Potato Head that he has spent hours of quality time with his daddy. I truly cherished this Christmas since he understood more of what was going on.

  162. Kendra says

    Gave Tri-County gift certificates.. They come with a list of over 300 places to use them. These are a big hit in my family.

  163. Barbara says

    Went to bed at 11 but stayed awake until 1215. Favorite gift I gave was a pillow pet to my 3 yr old granddaughter who loves it so much.

  164. Mindy Anderson says

    My favorite gift to give was a ninja mask that my 6 year old and I made together. It was for my cousin’s son. It was so much fun to make it with my boy!

  165. julie says

    the favorite gift that i gave was a toy gun set to my son. everyone else around him was getting them on Christmas (cousins and such). we had left some presents at our house because we couldn’t transport everything. when we got home it was a few days before i remembered the gun set. he is so thrilled. it came with a mock wood piece and plastic bottles to shoot at. it is so fun and everyone in the house enjoys using it.

  166. Cheryl G says

    My favorite gift I was able to give this year, was to a friend who just have a baby in june, I made up coupons for free babysitting for her birthday and New Years Eve and their anniversary for last year and this year.

  167. Donna Lineman says

    It’s not much, but th best gift I gave this year was to my nephews girlfriend. I just met Chels in Dec. so I had no clue what to get her. She is a college student on a fixed income (like almost every other college student) so I decided to get her a whole bag of “bathroom stuff”. You know…body wash, shampoo, body puff, scented lotion, stuff for her hair, body spray…just stuff she needed but didn’t have the extra few dollars to buy! OMG…let me tell you, Chels was sooo appreciative of that gift! She cried! Bawled like a big ole baby! She couldn’t understand how someone she had only met once before would take the time to go out and buy her so much stuff? I told her not to worry about it. I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t like her!!! I like it when people are appreciative of the gifts we give them and Chels certainly was! Luv you doll!

  168. Donna Lineman says

    I was in bed at 10 on New Years Eve. Two kids under 6 who get up way to early make for early bedtimes around here!

  169. says

    i went to bed at 10:30…my favorite gift i gave was a gun to my grandsons they loved it….and the favorite I received was my utility shelves for more couponing stuff to donate to the foodbank.

  170. Dionne Ferguson says

    My most favorite gift I gave this Christmas was a sketch pad for my 9 year old son because it was something that he didn’t ask for and his favorite present.

  171. Vickie Bouzerrara says

    My favorite holiday gift I gave was cash money to my 15 y/o twin gsons. Because, they are saving for a trip to Washington DC this summer and they are saving every penny for spending money. I will get the pleasure of all that happened while they were there and see pics that they took. :)

  172. Krysta Sigler says

    My favorite gift I gave this year was some shirts from a thrift store, my brother is extremely thrifty and loves the 80s style shirts he finds at thrift stores. I know it sounds weird but he absolutely loved it!

  173. Patty says

    My favorite gift I gave this year was to my children & their spouses: STL Cardinal gifts: World Series ornaments, food storage containers with the STL logo on each lid, Cardinal logo beer glasses, and World Series t-shirts and sweatshirts. They were all thrilled – BIG CARDINAL FANS!!!!

  174. says

    Hey there my good friend! I have to say that this particular blog post will be remarkable, great published accessible having about valuable infos. I would like to appearance much more posts such as this .

  175. Melissa Ostant says

    My favorite gift we gave this year were Acer Aspire One Netbooks that we gave to our 15 year old twin boys. They were not expecting them and were so excited when they got them. They were $329.99 thru out the holiday season, but I was able to get them for $196 each, thanks to a lowest of the season sale that target had prior to Black Friday. Of course, were sold out, but thanks to a handy dandy raincheck that I got for 2 of them, we were able to do it. Had to wait it out and get one at a time because they were always sold out, but we did it in time for Christmas!

  176. Meg says

    The best gift I gave this year was handmade jewelry made by some girls at the orphanage in Nicaragua where I volunteer

  177. Jessica C. says

    My favorite gift I gave this year was a bag with my kids names on it for my mom, she loved it too, so it was great!

  178. kristen phillips says

    My favorite gift I gave this year was….probably the princess dress up set I gave my older niece. She calls herself a Princess lol so she just had to have a tiara!

  179. Kathy Moose says

    Favorite gift I gave this year…..probably my daughter’s Kindle. She didn’t ask for one, but we got her one anyways, and she is now on it non-stop. :)

  180. amber feliciano says

    My favorite gift that I gave this season was a nook color for my 8 year old daughter. She loves to read and it is so hard to keep up with her reading all the time.

  181. says

    The favorite gift I gave was to my significant other. He surprised me by returning to me after a long time of not being able to communicate. I call him my California Puppy because he always finds me and usually when I need him the most. It is a God thing. He had all his precious things stolen……….all the things I had given him. One was a very nice gold watch that I never could have afforded to replace again. But God made a way by finding one on Ebay that was reasonable and very worthy for him. He was very happy. I also gave him a tool belt, knee pads, insulated overalls, good winter gloves and some cologne that he loves. He was happy because there is no one else in his life to share with him.

  182. cheryl felton says

    My favorite gift that I gave this year was to my mom, a framed picture of all her grandkids that has a mat that says “mom mom” because that is what they call her.

  183. Katey Legg says

    My favorite thing I gave this year was a photo book that showed off 2011 in the lives of our kids! It’s great for our parents when they can’t be around all the time.

  184. Jess Scott says

    This Christmas my husband and I told our families about starting our process to adopt a child. It was such a joy telling our family and receiving such positive support from them all :) It was my favorite gift to give.

  185. brenda says

    favorite gift i gave was volunteering to work for a co worker who has young children she had a wonderful day with her family she said that was best gift she cold ever get


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