Farm Fresh and Harris Teeter Shopping Trips 8/4

Total Out Of Pocket (OOP)=$37.47 or $27.47 depending on how you view it.

I did pretty good today!  The total amount out of pocket was definitely not my lowest but I saved a total of $45.22 (or $55.22 depending on how you view it, see details below)at Harris Teeter and $14.68 at Farm Fresh; both amounts of savings were more than I spent so that’s a good shopping day for me.  The picture above is a combination of both stores and breaks down like this:

Farm Fresh (get matchups HERE)
Pepperidge Farms Cookies-$1.99-$0.60 coupon=79 cents
Pepperidge Farms Cookies-$1.99-$0.75 coupon=49 cents
All Detergent-$3.99-$1 coupon=$1.99 AND this earned me a
Snuggle Dryer Sheet=-FREE
Grands Tortilla Chips-$2-$1 coupon=FREE
Activia Yogurt 4 pk-$2-$1 coupon =FREE
Dannon LF Yogurt X 2=$4-$1 coupon=$2
Total OOP:  $9.17 after tax
Total saved $14.68=63% savings!

Harris Teeter (get matchups HERE)
Pampers Wipes-$3.49-$2 Catalina coupon=$1.49
Pampers Swaddlers-$6.97-$3 catalina coupon=$3.97!!
Raisin Bran-$1.93X2=$3.86-$1 coupon=$2.86 for 2
Special K-$1.74X2=$3.48-$1 coupon=$2.48 for 2
PopTarts-$1.09X2=$2.18-$1 coupon=$1.18 for 2
Rice Krispies-$1.87
NutriGrain Bars-$1.77-$1 coupon=77 cents
Smacks Cereal-$1.59
Corn Pops-$1.59
Peter Pan X2=$3.34-60 cent coupon=$2.14 for 2
4 peaches=$1.01
Frumano Tomatoes X2=$2.18
Land o Lakes ButterX2=$2.25-50 cent coupon=$1.25 for 2
Yoplait YogurtX10=$5-40 cent coupon=$4.20
I also had another $1 coupon when buying 3 cereals
Total OOP=$28.30
**BUT I got a $10 off my next shopping trip catalina coupon for buying 10 Kellogg’s products
so really you could say my total was only $18.30!
Total saved after coupons, sales, and catalina=$55.22!


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