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Fall Fitness: Week 6-Do It Yourself

Welcome to my new series: Fall Fitness!  If you’ve missed any of the previous posts, check them out here!

If you pay close attention to my Facebook page, you know I enjoy running as my main form of exercise. Unfortunately I hurt my back a few weeks ago and have been unable to do very much physical activity-which has driven both my body and mind NUTS! Also, it’s made me a bit lazy on menu planning since it’s been difficult to move from my heating pad! Sadly, this has led to way too many take out meals. I am pretty much 95% healed so it is time to get back into shape-both physically and financially! I will be writing this series “Fall Fitness” to hold myself accountable and to hopefully gain some team mates in the process (that would be you)! I will share my goals, menu, and tip each week that will hopefully keep us fit thru the fall!

Update from Last Week:

I met all my fitness goals!  I ran a total of four 5ks and then my longer run day was 5.25 miles for a total of 5 runs.  I also did complete Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 three times.  I actually lost 1 pound but my measurements stayed the same.

Fitness Goals for Week 6:

1. I will continue to run 4-5 times since I am registered for the Wicked 10k race in October.  I did well last year but want to crush that time…we’ll see.
2.  I want to complete 3 or 4 Ripped in 30 workouts.  I really love how I feel when I get a complete hour of workout time in the morning so combining running with this workout is perfect.

Menu Plan for Week 6:

  • Monday:  Mexican Monday-This never changes for us-stop by my house on a Monday evening and there will be soft tacos.  This Monday is my husband’s birthday but he insists he still wants tacos.
  • Tuesday:  Ground turkey spaghetti
  • Wednesday: Leftover night
  • Thursday-Saturday  I will be at Savvy Blogging Summit and my husband will have my mom helping with dinner-I don’t have to plan!
  • Sunday:  Grilled chicken with balsamic potatoes and peas

Tip of the Week:

Do It Yourself:  Save money by doing things yourself such as making your own diaper rash treatment, your own household cleaners, and so much more!

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