Fall Fitness-Guest Post: Make A Plan

My new series “Fall Fitness” was started a few weeks ago to get myself (and hopefully others) back on track with both physical and financial fitness goals.  This week I’ve brought in a guest blogger to give you a different perspective on your fitness plan.   If you’ve missed any of the previous Fall Fitness posts, check them out here!

Hi all! My name is Sarah and I blog over at There She Goes…Running in Virginia! My mission at There She Goes is to provide resources for active females of all ages, and runners of all levels with practical tips about nutrition, product reviews, and first hand accounts of how being active and healthy can change your life!

Lets be honest here…

How long has it been since your last workout?


I’ll wait – go ahead…do the math!

For me? It’s been since I arrived here at our new house…3 weeks ago. Before that I stayed a few days at my parents house (visiting) while my husband finished packing our apartment (we have small children so being gone was the best I could do to help!).

At my parents I was walking roughly 2.25-3.50 miles a day with my father. Before that…well, it had been off and on for months. You see – I just had baby #2 (June 25th) so that last trimester was a challenge. I gained 40lbs and gave birth to a 9.5lb, 21inch long baby!

Sure, I may have occasionally gotten in a little brisk walk or even a very slow jog w/ my toddler riding her tricycle those last 3 months but mostly I just prepared for what was coming next and working.

Regardless of my life circumstances…I fell off the health & wellness wagon hard!



Falling off the workout wagon hurts. The initial fall is usually so slow; so subtle we barely feel the impact. As the sting of the road rash sets in…we know we should be doing something more. We should be better than saying, “I’ll workout tomorrow”, or “I’ll try to do better starting next week!” I don’t know how many Mondays have been my NEW BEGINNING! While those words echo through our minds, roll off our tongues – we wonder – “How many tomorrows have I racked up avoiding “TODAY?”


Sure, I’ve got excuses and allowances I give myself to feel better about not working out:

  • I’m tired
  • I had a baby
  • There’s not enough time
  • It’s too hot outside
  • I have a million other things to do

And the list could go on…


But here’s the reality of all those excuses:

  • I stayed up too late
  • I had a baby 3 months ago…can’t use that excuse forever
  • It only takes 15min to get a workout in (I know I waste more than 15min on FB multiple times a day) – Read Fast 15 for a quick workout idea.
  • So stay inside: do a workout DVD
  • Even though I’m staying busy w/ all my million “to-do’s” there is only one thing on my mind – my avoidance of getting back on the wagon!


So what do we do now? How can we fix this?

We have to remember that each day is a new day and a new opportunity to start fresh.

Since I’m a planner let’s map this out!


1st Step:

Making a plan of action! For me: the house is the most quiet in the mornings and during naptime. There are two perfect windows of time – where can you find one or two windows of time in your day?

I can’t leave the house b/c the kiddos are sleeping in both windows of time so I’ll have to be creative. I can do a workout DVD (I’ll admit it – I have about 10 different DVD’s that collect dust!). I can also do Crossfit type exercises – stuff that doesn’t require any equipment. Where are your windows of time? Are you at work, at home, in the city, in the country or near a park – parking lot – stairs?


2nd Step:

Take a deep breath…and go clean out your pantry and fridge. There is nothing more deflating to a new plan of action for health and wellness than a bunch of junk food temping you each and every day. Even the cleanest/healthiest eaters have a few items they could toss.

For me, it just takes one or two items (calling my name from the pantry) to start the downward spiral of munching/eating poorly. Sometimes I even eat the kids’ snacks…I know – pitiful! Hey, if I don’t need those animal crackers…neither does she! Lol! But lets just be honest – she doesn’t even like them – I’m eating them little by little to avoid “wasting” them. Which leads me to Step #3.


3rd Step:

Get over your attachment to “wasting” food. If you slipped up and bought a few things (or just one) that really DON’T need to be eaten by you…TOSS IT! Or if it’s unopened donate it or take it to work and put it in the employee break room. Let your solidarity be the example! Don’t just eat things to get them out of the house and into your belly (and I am speaking from experience). We all do this – get over it – and throw it away or give it away.

The last time I cleaned out my pantry was April 2011 when I decided to go Paleo. I put all the items I would no longer need, eat, or cook with into a book and let my neighbors pick threw it.


4th Step:

Get out of the house! Step away from the computer and go for a walk. Breathe some fresh air! Are you at work right now? Go walk the steps in the stair well right now! Not in a multi-floor building? Walk to your car and back. Pretend you forgot something really important in there…like your MOTIVATION!

Not at work – are you at home? Regardless, stop clicking the mouse aimlessly – GO!


5th Step:

BE PROUD! Be proud about being motivated – and come back and read more!


I’ll leave you with these thoughts…

It’s not about gym memberships, workout accessories, or even proper footwear right now.

What it is about is YOU finding 15 minutes each day (or just 3 days a week) where you put YOU first. 15 minutes where you are more important than anything else.

Put yourself on the top of your daily task list

and I promise you’ll see and feel a difference.


If you’re looking for a challenge to jumpstart your health and wellness goals OR if you just want to end this year with a bang – then please join me over at my blog for some great group challenges I’ll be leading my readers through starting Monday, September 17th, 2012.



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  1. says

    Love the “Put yourself on the top of your daily task list.” Working out is such an important part of the day. You need to care of yourself, so you can take care of everyone else :)
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  2. Brett says

    This is fabulous! A great reminder. I’ve actually been sticking to the gym thing even while having a nasty chest cold this week. I’m weak and I hate it but if I stop, I won’t start again.


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