Expensive Toast Anyone?

$13.22 on toast?  Yep. This is my expensive toast story….

$13.22 for 2 pieces of toast and a soda is crazy talk.  I spent the last 3 days learning a tremendous amount at the Savvy Blogging Conference but unfortunately the last day brought me a little stomach bug.  It was no fun and I had to skip a delicious luncheon in order to go upstairs and rest.  Being too scared to eat anything but knowing my body needed some kind of nourishment, I ordered toast and a diet soda via room service.  The bill came and I freaked… I mean I totally expected it to be a little pricey but not $13.22!

The reason I wanted to write about this is to let you know that sometimes expensive toast (or car repair, etc) is sometimes ok.  We work hard everyday to save money and make good financial decisions.  These practices make it ok for unexpected but neccessary purchases like my $13 toast and soda.  Did I like it-no!  Did it make my life a little bit better-YES!  It was the first thing I was able to “hold down” all day which made me feel a thousand times better.  So given the choice to save money or have some expensive toast to help me survive the day, I will choose expensive toast everytime.

Have you ever had an expensive toast experience?


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  1. Rachel says

    Not really a toast story, but I have run out for over the counter medicine(which can be pricey) or had my husband go for me on a few different occasions over the years only to realize we already had the same thing at home! I am glad your $$toast helped & that you are feeling better!:-)

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