Easter Basket Stuffer Idea-Richie the Repeating Rabbit

repeating rabbit

It’s been my experience that while parents may not love them, kids really really love anything that talks.  And if it repeats what they say, that’s just about the best thing ever!

Right now you can get the Richie the Repeating Rabbit – Talking Rabbitfor only $13.73!  This is normally priced at $29.95 so you’ll be saving over 50%!

Richie the Repeating Rabbit doesn’t hop around like any other rabbit. He’s brown with floppy ears and a button nose just like a normal rabbit, but Richie is much better – he’s a talking rabbit! Richie the Repeating Rabbit repeats whatever you say to him! Squeeze his hand to put him on standby, signaled by the yellow light, and then talk to him. The red recording light will illuminate for five seconds and Richie will repeat what you just said, but funnier. Talk to Richie the repeating toy for up to thirty seconds as he copies what you say in a funny voice. Squeeze his hand again and go for another round. Richie is one talking toy that’s tons of fun and never gets old! The required AAA batteries are included.

Remember, Amazon can and will change prices at anytime!

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