Do You Ever Feel Like A Bad Mom?

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Do you ever feel like a bad mom?  I know I do.  I know I’m not, but I sure do have moments I’m not proud of.  Moments of lost tempers, moments of ignoring the tug at my shirt (or pants, or hair, or hand), moments of  being disappointed in my reaction to my child’s behavior, moments of forgetfulness.

Moms are by the far their own worst critics.  Of course there are “bad moms” out there who neglect or abuse their children.  But mostly, there are moms like me.  Moms who fiercely love their children and every night during their prayers ask for more patience, more ways to raise a “good kid”, more ways to let our children know that no matter what, their best interest is all we care about. Moms who cry when they look back on how the day went.

I struggle daily with parenting choices and constantly look at the mirror and really ask, “Am I doing this right?”.  Then I wonder, is there a perfect way?  Is there a way that guarantees success?

Then I stop and take a breath and just watch.

I catch my 4 year old “reading” to his little brother.

I hear my 2 year old say “God Bwesh You Mommy” when I sneeze.

I see my kids share the computer with “new friends” at the library.

I feel an unexpected kiss or hug on my leg “just because mommy”.

And I know.

I know that with all my doubts, all the “what ifs”, and all the tears on my pillow mean that I am a good mom.  I’m a good mom because I love my boys.  I’m a good mom because I worry about them, protect them, teach them, hug them, read with them, cook with them, color with them, build Mega Blok cities with them, dance with them.

Am I the best mom in the world?  Of course not.  But I do know one thing-I’m the best mom for my children.

And that’s all that matters.


Do you ever feel like a bad mom?


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