Do It Yourself Restaurant Pizza!

diy pizza collage

We are huge fans of pizza at our house…personally I would eat it every single day if my size would allow it!  We frequently make our own from either homemade crust, or by buying dough balls from local stores.  But when a friend told me that they go to their favorite pizzaria and buy dough balls to make their own pizza, well, let’s just say I HAD to try it!  I was suprised that it cost the same thing as the dough balls we buy at the store…I really thought it would be more.  We got a dough ball that was able to make an 18 inch pizza for only $2.99. Since this size pizza normally costs $13.99, we saved quite a bit!

Do It Yourself Restaurant Pizza

Pizza Stone/Cooking Sheet
Restaurant Dough Ball
Your Desired Toppings

1.  Heat stone in oven at 375.
2.  Spread dough onto stone (using some flour helps with this).
3.  Add Sauce, Toppings, and Cheese.
4. Bake until it’s to your desired crispness and cheese is melted. *Note* When we buy store bought dough, we have to precook the dough before adding sauce and toppings.  We did NOT have to do this with the restaurant dough.

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