DIY Children’s Wall Art

space collage with text

What’s a frugal mom to do when she buys a quilt on clearance for her child and the wall art that goes with the quilt is all sold out?  Create DIY Children’s Wall art herself-with coupons of course!

We recently moved (see our moving story here) and one of the rooms in the new house was painted a very bright green.  While I planned on painting it a more neutral color, my 4 year old claimed the green room as his bedroom.  The problem with this is that his room had a Boston Red Sox theme prior to moving.  So this mommy had to find another plan.  Off to Target I went! On clearance was a space quilt and pillow that I knew would be perfect.  Then I searched and googled space wall art and found nothing my budget would approve.

Armed with coupons, I went to AC Moore.  I got a 2 pack of canvases and took pictures of space ships on his quilt and got to work!

the quilt

the quilt


I drew them in pencil first….Will thought it was  a bit fat.
pencil canvas

The Completed room

wills room

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