Designer Consignors Sale-Guess My Total & Win $5!

This is what I snagged at the Designer Consignors Sale happening right now in Virginia Beach.  Needless to say, my boys are set for Summer!  Items are all name brand (Gymboree, Carters, Polo, Old Navy, etc).  Included in my purchase is:

  • 12 pairs of shorts
  • 7 swim suits (I know, a little crazy but they came in sets that were ridiculously cheap)
  • 15 tops
  • 4 sets of pj’s
  • 1 wet suit
  • 6 books
  • 1 set of 12 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse books
  • 10ft ABC puzzle
  • Bee Bop Band musical instrument set
  • Little Einsteins talking and singing characters
  • Little Einsteins DVD
  • Little Einsteins bath toys (swimming Leo and Rocket)


So how much do you think I spent?  Leave a comment telling me your guess and the person who is the closest without going over gets $5 in their choice of Paypal or Amazon cash!

In case you missed the details on the sale:

When: March 15-17th

Where: Ascension Catholic Church Community Center
4853 Princess Anne Road
Virginia Beach, Va


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  1. Lauren Jargowsky says

    $147. I think I saw you there last night. You were the person with the REALLY full Ikea bag! I was the person with the super cranky 2 year old girl who refused to put down the duck bath tub.

  2. Suzflee says

    Love Paula and her sale. Don’t forget about yellow tag discount starting Friday. I teach 3’s and bought a ton of stuff for our school. I have to go a tad bit higher that the other folks, I’m guessing $89.

  3. Rachel says

    My guess is $120. I shopped there today and purchased 35 items of clothing for $115 which is a steal considering it was all name brand stuff!

  4. momondealz says

    Wow! Some of you are really close! I’ll let this continue until Saturday morning. Feel free to make more than one guess. :)

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