Win A Month’s Supply of Weaver Chicken Nuggets!

We’ve been spoiled lately with beautiful weather in my region but cold temperatures are coming this week.  That means A LOT of time spent indoors with the kids.  Many parents will be scratching their brains attempting to keep their children entertained.  We do a lot of crafts in my home but my son also LOVES to cook.  It’s seriously one of his favorite things to do! With all of our crafts, learning time, and cooking, I struggle to whip up something different for lunch everyday. 

 Weaver Chicken Nuggets gives me a perfect solution!  We can throw them on a baking sheet and finish our activities while they are cooking. The best part? Will and Zack LOVE them!  Just look at them attacking them!

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Bondi Band-Review and Giveaway


Does your hair constantly get in the way when you are running or exercising?  Or do you sweat like crazy and hate when it drips in your eyes?  I have the perfect solution for you!

Bondi Band makes everything from headbands to wicking hats for ages 1-100!  These bands are made from stretchy and breathable material and come in a variety of colors and designs. There are hundreds of sayings you can get on your Bondi Band that range from funny to inspiring, or you can even have one custom made with your own slogan!

I bought my first Bondi Band in October for the Wicked 10k race and fell in love!  Not only did it hold my hair back, it kept the sweat off my face and out of my eyes.  I was skeptical about their promise of “No Slip, No Drip” but it proved to be true!  I have worn it for every single run since-and it still is working great!

Want one for yourself?  You can win one NOW!  Even better?  It will say “Got Coupons?” on it! Here’s how to enter:

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Win a $25 BJ’s Wholesale Club Gift Card!

Is decorating a gingerbread house on your Christmas “to do” list?  Will is the perfect age this year to really enjoy all things Christmas so we definitely wanted to allow him to help create a gingerbread house.  We were lucky enough to be sent an awesome kit from BJ’s to review!  Not only did the kit include a house, it also came with a Santa Sleigh and reindeer!  Talk about fun! 

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Discount Party Supplies Deluxe Party Pack Giveaway!

Planning a party in the near future?  Well do I have the site for you! 

Discount Party Supplies has over 400 party themes and can make custom invites and banners to help make your event even more special!  Whether you are planning a birthday party, holiday party, or a “just because” party, you are sure to find something on their page!  Here are just a few of my favorite themes:

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Review & Giveaway-Flexi Hair Clips

As we all know, the holiday shopping season is here!  What better stocking stuffer or gift than hair accessories?  Flexi hair clips, hair bands, hair clips, and o rings are perfect for daughter, friend, sister, or you!  There are many different designs to fit any taste and their reasonable prices certainly won’t break the bank!

I had the opportunity to review some of the hair clips and I was very impressed!  I have VERY thin hair so finding clips that actually hold my hair in place has always been a struggle.  Not with Flexi Hair Clips!  I followed the simple directions for fastening them, and my hair remained exactly where I wanted it to be! 

These hair accessories range in price from $9-$20 and have hundreds of designs! You can see all the choices via Lilla Rose and browse to find your favorites!

I am excited to let you know that you can enter to win $15 to spend on Lilla Rose! There are several ways to enter. Check them out!

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Review: Striiv Fitness Device


How would you like to help the world and get exercise at the same time?  Well Striiv is the answer! 

Striiv Motivational Fitness Deviceis a newly released fitness tool that tracks your walking, running, and climbing stairs, all the while helping you reach fitness goals by playing games AND contributing to make the world a better place!  With each step you take towards a healthier lifestyle, you also make a donation of clean water to a child in South America, a polio vaccine to a child in India, or to conserve the Tanzania’s rainforest for one year! 

Striiv is simple to use and small enough to fit just about anywhere!  I have used it several times while running and easily meeting my goals of the day.  I love reaching different levels, earning trophies, and best of all seeing where my steps lead to donations around the world!  I was shocked that running 2 miles was nearly 4,500 steps! 

If you would love one of these handy and super cool devices, they are available for purchase for $99!

Review: Nintendo 3DS and Nintendogs + Cats


Has your child been asking you for a cat or a dog?  Has this left you wondering how you can afford the food, toys, and vet care of these precious animals? 

Well, have no fear, Nintendo has come to the rescue!  Their new game Nintendogs + cats for the 3DS will help your child experience “playing around” with deisgner dogs and cats!  Here is a little more about the game from Nintendo:

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Flip Flop Wines-Moscato Review

Flip Flop wines is a brand of wines that I have had the pleasure of reviewing in the past few months.  My husband and I  have enjoyed each bottle sent and the quality and taste of the wines have been wonderful! 

Recently I was sent the final variety to taste, Moscato, and once again I was not let down.  Since white wines are my favorite, I was really excited about this one!  The Moscato is very sweet so as much as I loved it, my husband was not a big fan (he prefers red wines). No worries though, I was more than happy to take over this review!

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Giveaway-Pilates Prenatal DVD!!

We all know how important it can be to excercise during your pregnancy.  Research has shown the benefits are far and wide ranging from easier child birth to lowering the risk of gaining too much weight while pregnant.  Due to doctor’s orders, I was unable to do much excercise while pregnant with my first son, but with Zack I really tried to do a little something at least 5 times a week.  I really can’t tell you enough how much better I felt being able to do this.

Pilates For Moms is a great way for moms to be to stay in shape and still meet your body’s specific needs during pregnancy.  Excerises are gently on your aching body and require equipment most of us have around our homes already!  Even better is that you don’t need to worry about houw safe the excercises may be for you and your baby.  The Pilates instructor in the video has been a certified teacher for 10 years and even holds a degree in Excercise Science!

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Keeping Me Posted-Personalized Invites-Review & Giveaway + $10 Giftcode For Everyone!

Who doesn’t love personalized invitations or announcements?  I know I sure do so I was super excited when Keeping Me Posted contacted me to do a review and to offer my readers a prize and discount! 

Keeping Me Posted is a site that specializes in helping you create personalized invitations, announcements, holiday cards, & more!  The site was created by a mom just like me who wanted to be able to make a little income, yet spend quality time with her kids.  This creative mom teamed up with her husband to offer fun and memorable cards for your special occasions.

My sons have birthdays coming up in a couple of months and since they are both “winter babies” I have to plan in advance since indoor facilities fill quickly around here.  I chose one of Kristen’s cards on the site, but Keeping Me Posted also offers to help you design your own cards and us willing alter their images to your liking.  I could not be happier with my birthday invites!  They turned out perfect and I am dying to get them in the mail!  The site was a breeze to maneuver through and I had the cards ordered in a very short time-the only thing that took me so long was choosing from the awesome selections! In addition to loving the final product, I was very pleased with how fast my cards arrived!  I received them within a few days of ordering-I was amazed!  When I have ordered from other companies, there was a much longer wait time!

Keeping Me Posted has generously offered to give one lucky reader a $25 gift code to create their very own personalized cards!  The ways to enter this giveaway are listed below, but I have even more good news to tell you! 

Now, to the giveaway…..

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Review & Giveaway-Rock ‘N Learn DVD

Last month I told you about Rock ‘N Learn DVD’s and how much my 2 year old LOVED them!  This month I wanted to tell you some more about these great educational videos.  Here is some information about the company from their website:

Rock ’N Learn produces educational videos and music for fun learning. We now have new iPad apps for learning to read through phonics. Our educators, musicians, and animators enjoy creating entertaining educational DVDs, music CDs and iPad apps used in schools and homes. In our 24 years, Rock ’N Learn has won over 100 awards for educational videos and music to help kids learn preschool, math, social studies, languages, and science. We also have DVDs to help students boost test-taking skills and score high on state-mandated standardized tests. Easy-to-use, these entertaining DVDs and iPad apps get results, as documented in case studies by several school districts. Rock ‘N Learn’s new Sight Words DVD is already getting great reviews on how it helps children learn to read, from preschool through remedial.

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Flip Flop Wine-Review

Some of you may recall my review of Flip Flop Wines back in July.  For those of you who don’t, this wine has quickly become one of my top favorite brands!  I’m not the only one, one of my friends had a house warming party and Flip Flop wines were one of her gifts!  The company was generous enough to send me a few more bottles to check out and once again, my husband and I were more than happy to taste test!

Flip Flop Wines is a company that has 7 varieties of wine all reasonably priced at $7 a bottle or $84 a case and they are available at many of my favorite stores including Harris Teeter.  Even better?  They will deliver these delicious wines right to your doorstep if you order them online!  For this review we were sent the merlot, cabernet sauvignon, and the chardonnay.  My husband prefers red wine so here are his thoughts on those:

Merlot:  If you are someone new to red wine this is the wine for you.  It is light and is much smoother and fruitier than you would expect from red wine.  He had me try some and I liked it enough to enjoy an entire glass! 

Cabernet Sauvignon:  This wine lives up to the bold stigma of red wines.  If you are a red wine drinker, you will savor the peppery taste of this wine!

Since I am the white wine drinker in the house, I took an evening to open the chardonnay and relax with a glass.  I loved the ripe sweetness of the wine and the finish was perfect for me!

One of my favorite aspects of Flip Flop Wines is their partnership with Soles4Souls.  Every bottle of wine sold sends a pair of shoes to children in need.  How amazing is that?  You get to enjoy delicious and refreshing wine while helping to provide a child with a necessity we take for granted. 

Have you tried Flip Flop Wines?  If so, I would love to hear what your favorite is!

Conair Body Analysis Scale Review and Giveaway!

As many of us know, losing weight is a journey-and everyone needs a good partner on a journey.  I have found a partner for you!

Conair has released new Weight Watchers endorsed scales that can be your very dependable side kick during your weight loss.  They can hold you accountable, be there for you at each and every weigh in, and as all good partners do, make you angry enough to get your behind motivated to lose more!  These scales are also attractive in design so you can keep them out and about in the house to provide the silent reminder to maintain your goals.

As many of you know, I have been on a weight loss journey since having my baby in November.  I am only 5 pounds away from my pre-baby weight but would really like to lose about 10 more after that-I know this scale will really help in my routine.  We were previously using a very old scale that was inaccurate and very ugly!  Our new scale is just the motivation I needed to get back on track.  Plus, even on days I don’t like what it “tells” me, at least I know it’s being honest! 

Wanna win one?!?

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Review and Giveaway-Homecoming Trunk Show Jewelry & Accessories

Who loves quality jewelry at reasonable prices?  Chances are, just about anyone reading this does!  I have recently been introduced to a company called Homecoming Trunk Shows.  This company was founded and is run by proud military wives who were inspired by the emotional homecomings of their spouses after fighting for our country. Homecoming Trunk Shows has grown in leaps and bounds and now provides women the opportunity to earn money with a home based business.  Here are some more details about the company from their website:

Our community of stylists is here to inspire, encourage and celebrate with one another. It is a sisterhood where you will
find support, friendship and common goals. We will do whatever it takes to take care of each other and help each other
succeed. We are not afraid of a little hard work to attain the goals we have set for ourselves. Of course, our work does
consist of having parties with our friends, so that makes our hard work a whole lot more fun!

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