Zaycon Chicken-I NEED Chicken-Let’s Get Them Back!

I know that many of my readers have taken advantage of the amazing deal on meats from Zaycon Foods. And many of you who haven’t had the chance yet have been waiting for them to come back to Hampton Roads.

So we have waited…..left messages. ……and got nothing.

Until today.

Laura was forwarded an e-mail from a reader who finally heard back from Zaycon that as of right now they have no plans to come back to Hampton Roads. Zaycon hasn’t heard enough from us.

It’s time they hear from us. I NEED my chicken. We have been out of Zaycon chicken for a while now and it’s horrible~store bought chicken doesn’t have the same texture and definitely not the same taste!

So if you are in Hampton Roads and want Zaycon to come back we need to band together and let them know.

Here is what you can do to let them know:

1. Leave a message on the Zaycon Facebook Page. Let them know you are in Hampton Roads and want them back!

2. If you don’t want to use Facebook or you just want to take an additional step you can drop them an e-mail at

3. If you have been waiting to sign up for Zaycon until I told you they were coming to town- DO IT NOW!

Basically we need to show them that if they come back they will make some money!

The Incredible Shrinking Bully eBook: Review and Giveaway

Has your child been a victim of a bully?  As a parent, is bullying a concern for you?  When I taught 3rd grade, my students knew that this was something that would not be tolerated in my classroom so I was more than happy to complete a review of The Incredible Shrinking Bullywhen asked to do so. I believe that any preparation you can give your child to deal with a bully is vital to them being able to handle such a person in their life. Here’s a little about this book:

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Review and Giveaway: Amy Michelle Go Totes

I have never been a “accessory” girl.  As long as the purse or tote I am using works the way I need it to, I am fine.  However, after reviewing my Amy Michelle Bag, I am a changed woman! 

Amy Michelle is a company created by women, for women.  Their mission is simple: “To help organize the lifestyle of today’s busy women, by providing them with attractive, high quality, fun and functional bags and accessories that are both sophisticated and sassy.”  They offer tote bags and accessories that are not only attractive, but also functionable and high quality.  You can use their bags as a purse, a tote, a diaper bag, the possibilities are endless! 

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Signing Times: Potty Time-Review & Giveaway!

Potty training can be frustrating and stressful for parents and children.  My oldest son turned 3 in November and despite being able to verbalize he had “gone” for months prior to his birthday, he refused to sit and go until his birthday!  Since his big day, he has had  few ups and downs, so I was thrilled to receive Signing Times Potty Time to review with him! Will has been signing since he was 5-6 months old and it has been a tremendous help in avoiding tantrums and other issues from lack of communication!  I can not praise this program enough!

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Review: Nintendogs + Cats French Bulldogs and Friends + Great Sale!

Thinking of getting your child a cute little dog or cat for Valentine’s Day?  How about leaving behind the clean up, house breaking, and vet bills and giving them a virtual pet instead? 

Nintendo has released several versions of Nintendogs + Cats including French Bulldogs and Friends, Toy Poodle and Friends, and Golden Retriever and Friends. These games allow your child to play with,take care of,  and accessorize mulitiple breeds!  How much fun could they ask for?  Even better, when they are done having fun, they simply turn off the game!  No clean up required!

 The game allows the created pet to “learn” and respond to your voice for different commands and perform tricks. The pet has emotions, a personality, and you must play, wash, feed, and give the pet water as needed based on the status updates you receive each time you turn on the game.  The facial-recognition technologies on the Nintendo 3DS even let puppies recognize their owners!  My kids love this aspect of the game! Another cool feature of the game is the Journal.  This can keep track of your daily activities in the game. You can view other players you’ve encountered with StreetPass, view your pedometer data, and so much more! 

Nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog and New Friendscan be normally be purchased for $39.99 but is on sale right now via Amazon for only $15.99!  That’s a bargain compared to actual pet costs!

Thomas Rescue on the Rails-Review and Giveaway

Do you have a Thomas the Train fan in your home?  I have a 3 year old fanatic!  Will loves everything Thomas from stickers on his potty chart, to the TV show, and of course his beloved train collection!  We were thrilled to get the chance to review and giveaway one the new releases “Thomas& Friends: Rescue on the Rails”. 

Here is a brief synopsis of the DVD:

Ready to Rescue! The Sodor Search and Rescue Team is racing to the rescue — Bertie’s stuck on Shake Shake Bridge, Gordon’s derailed and Thomas’ firebox is on fire! In these exciting episodes, your favorite engines brave the rails to rescue their friends. Discover that being heroic is more than having speed and strength; it’s about teamwork and a big heart – which puts every Really Useful Engine on the right track.

Episodes include:

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Review & Giveaway-AMMO Books Memory Game and Book By Patrick Hruby

If you’ve been following my site for any amount of time, you know how much I love the site Totsy.  Totsy is a member’s only site that has FREE sign up and offers deep discounts on items for you and you children. Items range from clothes to toys, to books!  Totsy was kind enough to send me AMMO Books ABC is for Circus by Patrick Hruby and AMMO Books Patrick Hruby Memory Game to review AND giveaway!

Patrick Hruby is a contemporary artist who has amazing talent at illustrating.  Of the 2 items, the book is definitely my favorite.  The artwork is appealing to both my 3 year old and my 1 year old, and the alphabet theme makes it the perfect book to read to them both at the same time.  I really like that the words are more mature and center on the circus, thus giving me a chance to further develop the boys’ vocabulary. 

The memory game has very modern artwork as well and the images are very vibrant and appealing.  My 3 year old loves memory games and this one really appealed to him due to it’s “different” look.  Once again my 1 year old loved the color choices but obviously he is a bit young for a memory game…he did however seem to find the box to be yummy!

Would you like to win this set of item from Totsy?  Check out the ways below for your chance to be the winner!

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Win A Month’s Supply of Weaver Chicken Nuggets!

We’ve been spoiled lately with beautiful weather in my region but cold temperatures are coming this week.  That means A LOT of time spent indoors with the kids.  Many parents will be scratching their brains attempting to keep their children entertained.  We do a lot of crafts in my home but my son also LOVES to cook.  It’s seriously one of his favorite things to do! With all of our crafts, learning time, and cooking, I struggle to whip up something different for lunch everyday. 

 Weaver Chicken Nuggets gives me a perfect solution!  We can throw them on a baking sheet and finish our activities while they are cooking. The best part? Will and Zack LOVE them!  Just look at them attacking them!

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Bondi Band-Review and Giveaway


Does your hair constantly get in the way when you are running or exercising?  Or do you sweat like crazy and hate when it drips in your eyes?  I have the perfect solution for you!

Bondi Band makes everything from headbands to wicking hats for ages 1-100!  These bands are made from stretchy and breathable material and come in a variety of colors and designs. There are hundreds of sayings you can get on your Bondi Band that range from funny to inspiring, or you can even have one custom made with your own slogan!

I bought my first Bondi Band in October for the Wicked 10k race and fell in love!  Not only did it hold my hair back, it kept the sweat off my face and out of my eyes.  I was skeptical about their promise of “No Slip, No Drip” but it proved to be true!  I have worn it for every single run since-and it still is working great!

Want one for yourself?  You can win one NOW!  Even better?  It will say “Got Coupons?” on it! Here’s how to enter:

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Win a $25 BJ’s Wholesale Club Gift Card!

Is decorating a gingerbread house on your Christmas “to do” list?  Will is the perfect age this year to really enjoy all things Christmas so we definitely wanted to allow him to help create a gingerbread house.  We were lucky enough to be sent an awesome kit from BJ’s to review!  Not only did the kit include a house, it also came with a Santa Sleigh and reindeer!  Talk about fun! 

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Discount Party Supplies Deluxe Party Pack Giveaway!

Planning a party in the near future?  Well do I have the site for you! 

Discount Party Supplies has over 400 party themes and can make custom invites and banners to help make your event even more special!  Whether you are planning a birthday party, holiday party, or a “just because” party, you are sure to find something on their page!  Here are just a few of my favorite themes:

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Review & Giveaway-Flexi Hair Clips

As we all know, the holiday shopping season is here!  What better stocking stuffer or gift than hair accessories?  Flexi hair clips, hair bands, hair clips, and o rings are perfect for daughter, friend, sister, or you!  There are many different designs to fit any taste and their reasonable prices certainly won’t break the bank!

I had the opportunity to review some of the hair clips and I was very impressed!  I have VERY thin hair so finding clips that actually hold my hair in place has always been a struggle.  Not with Flexi Hair Clips!  I followed the simple directions for fastening them, and my hair remained exactly where I wanted it to be! 

These hair accessories range in price from $9-$20 and have hundreds of designs! You can see all the choices via Lilla Rose and browse to find your favorites!

I am excited to let you know that you can enter to win $15 to spend on Lilla Rose! There are several ways to enter. Check them out!

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Review: Striiv Fitness Device


How would you like to help the world and get exercise at the same time?  Well Striiv is the answer! 

Striiv Motivational Fitness Deviceis a newly released fitness tool that tracks your walking, running, and climbing stairs, all the while helping you reach fitness goals by playing games AND contributing to make the world a better place!  With each step you take towards a healthier lifestyle, you also make a donation of clean water to a child in South America, a polio vaccine to a child in India, or to conserve the Tanzania’s rainforest for one year! 

Striiv is simple to use and small enough to fit just about anywhere!  I have used it several times while running and easily meeting my goals of the day.  I love reaching different levels, earning trophies, and best of all seeing where my steps lead to donations around the world!  I was shocked that running 2 miles was nearly 4,500 steps! 

If you would love one of these handy and super cool devices, they are available for purchase for $99!