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Get ready for a new Fall Series!

Together with my friends from Mavens of Money we bring you our hottest posts this fall. This week we’re sharing all about APPLES.

The Mavens of Money group is comprised of 11 bloggers: MadameDeals | The Coupon Challenge | Mom On Dealz | Coupons are Great | This Mama Loves | A Frugal Chick | The Centsible Family | Stretching Your Budget | Penny Filled Pantry | Freebie Spot | Saving Toward Better Life | [Read more...]

Lil’ Kickers Soccer Program-Virginia Beach Field House

lil kickers

When my boys were younger they attended the Virginia Beach Field House for soccer classes-and LOVED it!  They have since switched their program and it’s getting rave reviews.  Be on the lookout in the near future for some special Momondealz savings for this program.  For now, check out their Fall schedule and go check out a class!

Class Schedule from September 10-November 30
(open enrollment, join anytime)
Call 757-427-3955 for more details!

“Bunnies” Ages 18-24 months (with parent) Saturdays at 9 and 10

“Thumpers”  Ages 2-3 (with parent) Thursdays 9:30 and Saturday 9 and 10

“Cottontails” Ages 2.5-3.5 (with parent) Tuesdays 9:30, Wednesdays 10:30, Saturdays at 9

“Hoppers” Ages 3-4 Tuesday 10:30, 11:30; Wednesdays at 11:30; Thursdays at 9:30; Fridays at 3:30 and 5:30; Saturdays 9,10, 11

“Jack Rabbits”  Ages 3-4 Tuesdays 10:30 and Saturdays 10

“Big Feet:  Ages 5-6 Wednesdays at 5:30, Thursdays 4:30, Saturday 9 and 10

“Micro”  Ages 4-5 Thursdays 11:30 and Saturday at 11

“Micro Advanced”  Wednesdays 5:30, Saturday at 11


DIY Children’s Wall Art

space collage with text

What’s a frugal mom to do when she buys a quilt on clearance for her child and the wall art that goes with the quilt is all sold out?  Create DIY Children’s Wall art herself-with coupons of course!

We recently moved (see our moving story here) and one of the rooms in the new house was painted a very bright green.  While I planned on painting it a more neutral color, my 4 year old claimed the green room as his bedroom.  The problem with this is that his room had a Boston Red Sox theme prior to moving.  So this mommy had to find another plan.  Off to Target I went! On clearance was a space quilt and pillow that I knew would be perfect.  Then I searched and googled space wall art and found nothing my budget would approve.

Armed with coupons, I went to AC Moore.  I got a 2 pack of canvases and took pictures of space ships on his quilt and got to work!

the quilt

the quilt


I drew them in pencil first….Will thought it was  a bit fat.
pencil canvas

The Completed room

wills room

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Homemade Diaper Rash Treatment

Toilet Paper Pumpkin Craft


This Toilet Paper Pumpkin Craft is one of my all time favorite crafts!

Each week I bring you a craft that is fun, educational, and frugal. Halloween is quickly approaching so I will be sticking to this theme for a couple of weeks! Don’t miss the rest of the Halloween themed crafts!

If you’ve missed any previous crafts, check out Momondealz’s Kids Frugal Fun page. Just a side note, I laminateas much as I can when doing games such as this-it really helps preserve the pieces!

Remember, if you love any of my crafts, be sure to Pin them on Pinterest.

Toilet Paper Pumpkin Craft

1 roll of toilet paper
1 sheet of orange tissue paper
Black construction paper
Green construction paper
Brown construction paper

1. Cover the toilet paper roll with the orange tissue paper by laying the sheet flat, putting the roll in the middle and then just lifting and tucking the tissue paper in the roll’s hole.
2.  Take one piece of brown construction paper and roll it horizontally.  Then take the roll and fold it in half and stick that inside the roll’s hole.
3. Cut thin strips of green paper and tape stick them inside the hole as well to create “vines”.
4.  Cut the black construction paper into shapes for the face.  We chose traditional triangle shapes for the eyes and nose and then one small line for the mouth.

Educational Activities:

This craft was an adaptation from a tutorial seen here

Minion Doll-Great Gift!


You’d have to be on a different planet to have not heard about minions-they are everywhere!

My oldest was able to see the movie Despicable Me 2 and LOVED it!  He also has a best bud who more than slightly adores the movie.  I think the last time I talked to his mom they had seen the movie 3-4 times in the theater.  So when my friend over at Jaimeddesigns posted a Minion doll that she had created, I just knew I had to snag one for a birthday gift for Will’s friend.

Jaime was able to get me the Minion in record time and really, how cute is he?!

Unfortunately this little guy got mixed up in our moving madness so he missed being given as a birthday gift.  Luckily he was found last night and Will’s friend was thrilled when he got him today!

Parent’s Questions Answered For Free At Mommy Polls!

mommy polls

Ever wanted to get a parenting opinion but not let anyone know you’re the one asking?  Maybe you like to give your parenting advice?  Either way, you’ll love this!

Mommy Polls is a free way to help parents to find answers to even the trickiest of questions and find out the opinions of other parents quickly and easily.  You can answer polls or create your own anonymous ones!

I browsed this site and it was very relevant… issues such as picky eaters, time-outs, and even educational mile stones were addressed.

Check it out  for yourself-why not, it’s FREE!

Pampers Gifts to Grow-Free 10 Point Code + 100 Points To Join!

pampers diapers jumbo

If you have a little one in diapers and haven’t joined Pampers Gifts to Grow program-this is the time to do it!

Right now there is a free 10 point code that can be used until September 6th!  Simply enter FBLBR9AWDAYB3E3 and get your 10 points.

If you’re new to the Gifts To Grow program, join now and get 100 additional FREE points!  This program is awesome for parents who are buying diapers-use the codes on the diaper packages and get LOTS of rewards!  I use my points to get free pictures all the time but they have a wide variety of rewards to choose from!

Home Depot & Lowe’s Kids Workshops-Register Now!

lowes build and grow

My kids absolutely LOVE the Home Depot & Lowes Workshops!  They are so much fun and a great bonding experience with their daddy.

Here are the future workshops you’ll want to register for-they fill up fast-and they are FREE!

Home Depot:

September 7th-Football Ring Toss from 9AM-Noon

October 5th-kids can build a Fire Rescue plane made out of Legos

November 2nd- Tabletop Ship


September 14th:  Classic Fire Truck (my kids made this last year and it’s pretty awesome!

Thanks, Hip2Save

Pay $7 For A $40 Box Of Pampers!

pampers diapers

There is a FABULOUS Deal on Pampers right now and if you have a child in diapers, you don’t want to miss it.

There are some steps you need to take, but don’t get scared…it’s not as difficult as it seems:

Step ONE – Join Amazon Mom for a FREE 3 month trial HERE
-You will be charged for the membership after the 3 months, however, simply cancel before the trial is up and there’s no charge.  You’ll just need to  mark your calendar or set an alarm on your phone. You will need to enter a credit card number.
-“New Amazon Mom Members with Prime who join between August 13 and 11:59 PM (Pacific Time) August 29, 2013 can use the single-use-only promotional code BABYTIME to save $25 on eligible diapers while supplies last.”

Step TWO – Shop the eligible diapers HERE.
-Looks like if it’s not on that page, it’s not eligible, but you should be able to find a great deal.
-Make sure your selection is “SOLD BY AMAZON” or they are not eligible for this deal.

After making your selection, make sure you select “Subscribe & Save” to get 20% off.
-I suggest selecting 3 months and cancelling the S&S at the same time you cancel the Amazon Mom trial if you aren’t going to keep it.

Step THREE – Checkout and use code BABYTIME for your $25 off through 8/29/13.

The Breakdown on a $40 Diaper purchase Get 20% off AND free shipping with your Amazon Mom account when you select Subscribe & Save (minus $8.00), Get $25 off with code BABYTIME (minus $25)

FINAL =$7.00 Shipped for a $40 box of diapers!

This is only until August 29th!

This deal is perfect to use if you’re wondering how to make a diaper cake!

Thanks, A Frugal Chick

Baby Printable Coupons!

pampers diapers jumbo

We all know that having a baby can get to be pretty expensive.  Using baby coupons can definitely help bring down the cost though!

Here are some coupons to help you save some cash on diapers!  If you don’t need them, print them and give them to a new mom-believe me, she will love you for it!

$1.50 off ONE Pampers Swaddlers Diapers
$1.50 off ONE Pampers Easy Ups Trainers
$1.50 off ONE Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

$1.00 off any (2) packages of HUGGIES­ Baby Wipes
$1.50 off any one HUGGIES Snug & Dry Diapers
$2.00 off 1 HUGGIES Little Movers Slip-On Diapers

And after you’ve bought some diapers, don’t forget to join Pampers Gifts To Grow program-you get awesome rewards like photo discounts, toys, and more-just for buying Pampers!

Best Diaper Rash Cream

diaper rash treat

My son is ALMOST potty trained so imagine my surprise when I changed his “underwear protector” a.k.a pull-up, and discovered a terrible diaper rash!  I was shocked but knew immediately what to do-pull out my best diaper rash cream cure!

For those of you unfamiliar with this best diaper rash cream, let me recap this discovery!  When my oldest son got a horrible diaper rash, I immediately started researching diaper rash home remedies and natural cures for diaper rash.  I settled on trying the recipe below and have never turned back.  This is hands down the BEST DIAPER RASH CREAM ever and far surpasses the popular store brands!

Best Diaper Rash Cream Cure

Mix equal parts of vaseline and corn starch to create a paste.

It’s that simple!

HALO Sleep Sacks Just $11.99!

These baby items are in my top 5 items on my list of most needed baby items!  My boys and I LOVED these sacks and I don’t think I would have had such awesome sleepers without them (both boys slept thru the night by 5 weeks)!

Zulily has HALO Sleep Sacks on sale starting at just $11.99!

If you’re unfamiliar with the HALO brand, you can read my review about them here, but they certainly give nervous parents peace of mind in that their child will stay a little safer while they sleep when wearing one of these sacks!

Remember, Zulily has FREE sign up and it only takes seconds so head over there and check out this awesome sale!

How To Make A Tricycle Diaper Cake

bike collage with words


When Kristen from WGNT saw a diaper cake I made last year, she asked if I could come on and do a Parent’s Corner segment. Since I LOVE creating anything for babies, I jumped at the chance.

How To Make A Tricycle Diaper Cake


Diapers (about 22)
2 Baby Bibs
2 Baby Blankets
1 Paper Towel Roll
1 Toilet Paper Roll
Rubber Bands
Baby Bottle
2 Pipe Cleaners

1.  Roll 6 diapers up and wrap them in a rubber band.  Put a rubber band around a toilet paper roll and insert the rolled diapers in between the rubber band and roll.

bike front wheel

2.  Take 6 more diapers and cover the “wheel” with these diapers by inserting them unfolded in between the rubber band and rolled diapers.

3.  Repeat this process around each end of the paper towel.

bike wheels no ribbon

4.  Cover all 3 “wheels” with riboon of your choice.

bike wheels with ribbon

5.  Roll one baby blanket and insert it inside the toilet paper roll wheel and set aside.

bike front wheel with blanket

6.  Attach the 2 pipe cleaners together and insert them inside the back wheels.

bike back wheels

7.  Bring the blanket ends from the front wheel to the back wheels and attach using the pipe cleaners.

8.  Roll another blanket and insert inside the front wheel (yes this will be hard) and bring up to create the handlebars.

9. Lay one bib over the front wheel and place the bottle on top of it.  Take the rolled blanket and rubber band the two ends to come together over the bottle, holding it in place and making it look more like handlebars.

bike done

10.  Roll 2 more diapers and insert one into each end of the “back wheels” to make them more sturdy.

11. Roll 2 additional diapers to create the “seat”.  Cover with the remaining bib.

12. Add any embellishments.  I added skull socks to the handlebars and a bear with a skull bandana.

Free Book: 101 Knock Knock Jokes For Kids

knock knock

My kids have just gotten into the Knock Knock Joke stage and I know they would just love to have more to add to their supply!

Right now you can get the book 101 Knock Knock Jokes for Kids (Joke Books for Kids vol. 1)for FREE on your Kindle or Kindle Fire. Don’t have a Kindle device? No problem-simply download this appto read the book on your phone, PC, or iPad.

About the book:

  •  101 Knock Knock Jokes for Kids is a wonderful, natural way for children to improve their reading. They are able to practice their reading skills whilst enjoying themselves.
  • Joke books for kids have the added benefit of improving memories, and importantly, instilling confidence. Children are given a great reason to talk in front of groups and with practice are able to feel comfortable doing it.
  • Joke books for kids on kindle are also a fun way for a family to interact, laughing – or moaning – at the jokes


Remember, Amazon can and will change prices at anytime!