Candy Cane Christmas Decoration (DIY Ornament)

candy cane ornament

We love making and giving Christmas ornaments during the Holiday season!  Here is an easy Candy Cane Christmas Decoration that was super easy to make!

Candy Cane Christmas Decoration (DIY Ornament)


Round Clear Plastic Ball Ornament
Green, Red, and White Paint
Paint Brush


1.  Paint the entire ornament Green to provide a nice background.

2.  Have your child dip one finger in red paint and one finger in white paint.


3. Help your child create a pattern with the red and white paint that will create a candy cane design.

4.  Allow to dry and it’s ready for your tree or a gift box!

These ornaments are easily personalized-simply paint your message on the front or using a Sharpie marker write on the back.  We leave the back of our ornaments paint free if we are planning on using a Sharpie marker because the marker will take the paint off.


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