BIC FlameDisk Coupon=Possible Freebie At Walmart!

bic disk

I”ve never heard of the BIC FlameDisk but after some investigating it looks SUPER Cool!  Print this coupon and possible get a FREEBIE!

$2.00 off one BIC FlameDisk

How it works:
The FlameDisk can be used in charcoal grills to cook a variety of foods. When ready to light, peel off film cover exposing the holes of the FlameDisk. Remove food grate from grill. Place FlameDisk in bottom of grill in level position with the holes facing up. Fully open all grill vents. With a BIC® Multi-Purpose lighter or long match, light fuel through any one of the outer holes. Flame will automatically spread.

Here’s the deal you should be able to snag at Walmart:

Buy BIC FlameDisk possibly priced around $1.98
$2.00 off one BIC FlameDisk
$2.00 off one BIC FlameDisk


Thanks, I Heart the Mart

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