Beverage Roundup

Each week The Coupon Challenge, Mom on Dealz and A Frugal Chick work together to bring you the best deals on beverages from both local and nationwide stores.
Bloom: Miller, Coors or Budweiser Family (20 pk bottles) $11.99
Bloom: Corona or Corona Light (12 pk bottles) $11.99
Bloom: Yuengling *24 pk cans) $15.99
Bloom: Heineken (18 pk bottles) $18.99
Bloom: Newcastle (12 pk bottles) $12.99
Bloom: Samuel Adams (6 pk bottles) $7.99
CVS: Budweiser, Miller LIte or Coors Light (18 pk cans) $12.99
CVS: Miller High Life (12 pk bottles) Natural or Pabst Blue Ribbon (12 pk cans) $6.99
Farm Fresh: Corona (12-pk btl) – $10.99
Farm Fresh: Natural, Busch or Pabst Blue Ribbon (18-pk can) $9.49
Farm Fresh: Bud, Miller or Coors Family (12-pk btl) $8.99
Farm Fresh Stella Artois or Peroni (12-pk btl) $13.99
Farm Fresh: Siera Nevada (6-pk btl) $6.99
Food Lion: Miller or Coors Family (20 pk bottles) $12.99
Food Lion: Busch Family (24 pk 12 cans) $11.99
Food Lion: Budweiser, Bud Light, Bud Select (12 pk cans) $7.99
Food Lion: Corona or Corona Light (12 pk bottles) $12.99
Food Lion: Samuel Adams (6 pk bottles) $7.99
Harris Teeter: Corona, Modello, or Pacifico 12pk $12.99
Harris Teeter: Bud Light, Miller Family, or Coors Light 18pk $12.99
Kroger: Bud, Miller or Coors Lite (24-pk can) $15.49
Kroger: Magic Hat (12-pk btl) $12.99
Kroger: Heineken or Amstel Light (12-pk btl) $11.99
Kroger: Caguama (12-pk btl) $10.99
Rite Aid: Blue Moon, Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada (12-pk btl) $12.99
Rite Aid: Select Budweiser, Miller, Coors or Yuengling (24-pk can) $14.99
Rite Aid: Corona, Heineken & Amstel Light (12-pk blt) $11.99
Walgreens: Big Flats 12pk $2.99
Walgreens: Bud and Bud Light 18pk $12.99
Walgreens: Corona and Heinken 12 pk $13.99
Bloom: Deer Park Spring Water (24 pk .5L bottles) $3.99
Farm Fresh: Nestle Pure Life Water (12-pk) – $3.33
$1/2 Nestle Pure Life Purified Water Multipack printable Sign up
Buy 3, Get $2 Coupon at Checkout
Farm Fresh: Super Chill Water (12-pk) – $3.50
Rite Aid: Nestle Pure Life Bottled Water 24 pk – $3.50
Get $1 +UP wyb 2
Bloom: Dancing Bull (750 ml) $7.99
Bloom: Barefoot (750 ml) $5.00
Bloom: Black Box (3L) $18.99
Bloom: Yellow Tail (1.5L) $10.99
Bloom: Concannon (750 ml) $5.50
Bloom: Verdi Sparkling (750ml) $5.50
CVS: Alamos, Mirassou or Bogle (750 ml) $8.49
CVS: Sutter Home or Black Swan (750 ml) $4.50
Farm Fresh: Barefoot Wines 1.5 lt $8.99
Farm Fresh: Verdi Spumante $5.50
Farm Fresh: Clos Du Bois Wines $11.99
Food Lion: Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvignon or Moscato (1.5L) $9.99
Food Lion: Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon or Moscato (750 ml) $5.50
Food Lion: Childress Muscadine Sweet Red, Sweet White or Sweet Blush (750 ml) $5.99
Food Lion: C.K. Mondavi Moscato or Merlot (1.5L) $9.49
Harris Teeter: Bella Sera Pinot Grigio $11.99
Harris Teeter: Rex Goliath Cabernet 2/$10
Kroger: Don Miguel Gascon Malbec $10.99
Kroger: Yellow Tail chardonay $10.99
Kroger: Nobila or Rodney Strong $9.99
Kroger Frontera Cabernet $8.49
Rite Aid: Robert Mondavi Woodbridge or Bella Sera $10.99
Rite Aid: Yellow Tail and Turning leaf $5.99
Walgreens: Chateau Diana or Laolailo Sangria $4.99
Bloom: Pepsi Products (12 pk cans or 6 pk bottles) 4/$10
CVS: Pepsi 2L $.99
Farm Fresh: Buy 3 Caffeine Free Diet Coke, Coke, or Diet Coke and Coke Products 3/$11
Get a FREE Coca-Cola, Diet, Sprite or Coke Products (6-pk btl)
Farm Fresh: Coke Products (6-pk btl) – $3.67
$1/2 Caffiene Free from FF Spring Thing Booklet
Food Lion: 7UP, A & W or Canada Dry (2 L) $.99
Food Lion: Coke Products (6 pk .5 L) $3.33
Food Lion: Pepsi Products (8 pk 12 oz bottles) $3.50
Food Lion: Pepsi Products (12 pk cans or 6 pk bottles) $3.00
Harris Teeter: HT Soda 2 liter 5/$4
Kroger: Coca-Cola Soft Drinks (12pk 12oz cans or 8pk 12ox bottles) $3.00
Kroger: Coca-Cola 2L Products $1
Rite Aid: Coke and Coke Products $2.50
Walgreens: Chateau Diana or Laolailo Sangria $4.99
Bloom: Propel Vitamin Enhanced Water (6 pk, 16.9 oz) $3
Bloom: Gatorade (32 oz) $1
Food Lion: Tropicana Orange Juice (59 oz) $2.50
Food Lion: Minute Maid (89 oz) $3.99
Food Lion: Nestle NesQuik (16 oz) $1.00
Food Lion: Land O’Lakes Half & Half (32 oz) $2.50
– $0.50/1 Land O Lakes Half & Half 4/3/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/28/2011)
– $0.75/1 Land O Lakes Half & Half 4/3/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/28/2011)
– $1/2 Land O Lakes Half & Half 4/3/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/28/2011)
Final Price: As low as $1.75
Food Lion: Maxwell House Coffee (11.5-13 oz bags or cans) 2/$6.00
– $1.00/2 Coupon from Food Lion Kiosk
Final Price: $2.50 each when you buy 2
Food Lion: Sunny D (64 oz) $1.00
Harris Teeter: Tropicana OJ 2/$6
-$1/1 or $1/2 coupon from RP 3/6
Final=$2 each
Kroger: Ocean Spray Juice Cocktail, 4ct or 64oz – $2.28
$1/1 Ocean Spray Diet Juice Drink Product Kroger eCoupon
Kroger: Propel Fitness Water, 24oz – $0.98
$1/2 Propel 2/13/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/31/2011)
Kroger: Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice or Trop50 or Dole Fruit juice – $2.49
$1/2 Tropicana Pure Premium Products 3/6/2011 RP Insert (exp 4/30/2011)
$1/1 Tropicana Pure Premium 3/6/2011 RP Insert (exp 4/30/2011)
Walgreens: Folders Coffee 22.6-33.9 oz $7.29 limit 2
Walgreens: Starbucks Frappuccino and Double Shot 4/$5 limit 4
Walgreens: Wags Juice or drink BIGI
Walgreens: Orange or Prune Juice 2/$6
Walgreens: Gatorade or Propel 5/$5
Walgreens: Monster Drinks 2/$3

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