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Beverage Round Up

Looking for the best deals on beverages around town? Each week Momondealz teams up with A Frugal Chick and The Coupon Challenge to bring you these top deals!

Farm Fresh: Icehouse or Miller High Life 8-pk btl $9.49
Farm Fresh: Fat Tire or Ranger IPA 12-pk btl $14.489
Farm Fresh: Newcastle Brown Ale 12-pk btl $12.99
Farm Fresh: Bus, Coors and Miller Family 18-pk btl $12.99
Farm Fresh: Natural Ice and Busch 24-pk can $12.99
Food Lion: Natural Family 24 Pack 12 Ounce Cans $11.99
Food Lion: Miller or Coors Family 18 Pack 12 Ounce Bottles $12.99
Food Lion: Miller High Life or Keystone 24 Pack 12 Ounce Cans $12.99
Food Lion: Pabst Blue Ribbon 12 Pack 12 Ounce Cans $6.99
Food Lion: Heineken or Amstel Light 12 Pack 12 Ounce Bottles or Cans – Heineken or 12 Pack 12 Ounce Bottles – Amstel $13.29
Food Lion: Modelo 12 Pack 12 Ounce Cans $11.49
Food Lion: Red Stripe 6 Pack 12 Ounce Bottles $6.99
Harris Teeter: Corona Extra 18 pk $18.99
Harris Teeter: Newcastle Brown Ale 12 pk $13.99
Harris Teeter: Widmer or Red Hook 12 pk $12.99
Harris Teeter: Bud Light 15 pk $14.99
Kroger: Bud Light, Miller Lite and Coors Light 24-pk can $15.99
Kroger: Bud Light Aluminum Pints 15-pk $14.99
Kroger: Blue Moon 12-pk btl $12.99
Kroger: Miller High Life 24-pk can $12.99

Farm Fresh: Mirassou $8.99
Farm Fresh: Woodbridge $11.899
Farm Fresh: Barefoot $10.99
Farm Fresh: Primal Roots Red $9.99
Farm Fresh: Sutter Home Moscato $5
Farm Fresh: Chateau Chocolate and ChocoVine $9.99
Food Lion: Gallo Family Vineyards Twin Valley 1.5 Liter, Only $7.19 per bottle when you buy 6 $7.99
Food Lion: Sutter Home 1.5 Liter $7.99
Food Lion: Toasted Head 750 ML $7.99
Food Lion: Riunite 1.5 Liter $8.99
Harris Teeter: Sutter Home Moscato $10.99
Harris Teeter: 14 Hands Cabernet $11.99
Harris Teeter: coppola Presents Rosato or Bianco $8.99
Harris Teeter: The Naked Grape Moscato $6.99
Harris Teeter: Dreaming Tree Chardonnay $12.99
Harris Teeter: Lindeman’s Moscato $6.49
Kroger: Parkers Estate $12.99
Kroger: Apothic Red or Ecco Domani $9.49
Kroger: Alamos Malbec $8.49
Kroger: Simply Naked or Arrow Creek $7.99

Farm Fresh: Pepsi or Pepsi Products 6-pk., 16.9 oz. btls., select varieties 16 oz 4/$10
Farm Fresh:7-Up or 7-Up Products 4 for $10* must buy 4
Food Lion: Coke Products 12 Pack 12 Ounce Cans, Buy More Save More. Purchase 12 Pack 12 Ounce Cans 4/$12, 3/$10 or 2/$8. Less than 2 or more than 4 are $4.49 each. LIMIT 4
Food Lion: Pepsi Products 2 Liter $1.25
Food Lion: Pepsi Products 6 Pack 16.9 Ounce Bottles $3.33
Food Lion: Coke Products 6 Pack .5 Liter Bottles $3.00
Harris Teeter: Coca-Cola Products 6pk .5 liter BOGO
Harris Teeter: Coca-Cola Products 2 liter 3/$5
Harris Teeter: Diet 7 Up Buy 2, Get 2 Free
Harris Teeter: HT Cola or Ginger Ale 2 liter $0.97
Kroger: Coca Cola 12-pk can 3/$11
Kroger: Coca Cola and 7Up 2L 4/$5
Rite Aid: 7-Up Product 2L 3/$1.99 after +UP
Walgreens: Pepsi Products 2 liters 4/$5-$1 in store coupon=4/$4
Walgreens: Pepsi Products 12 pk 4/$15-$3 in store coupon=4/$12

Farm Fresh: Old Orchard 100% Apple Juice – $1.89
$0.50/1 Old Orchard Juice Product printable
Farm Fresh: Deer Park Water 24-pk 2 for $8
Farm Fresh: FUZE Healthy Infusions, Glacéau or Powerade or Powerade Zero Sports Drink 10 for $7*
Food Lion: Powerade 32 Ounce $.79
Food Lion: Gatorade 32 Ounce $1.00
Harris Teeter: Lipton Tea Bags Buy 2, Get 1 Free
Harris Teeter: Northland Cranberry Juice Buy 2, Get 3 Free -$1/2 printable coupon
Harris Teeter: Tropicana OJ $2.77 Evic Special
Harris Teeter: Dasani 6 pk .5 liter 2/$5
Harris Teeter: Aquafina 24 pk $5.99
Harris Teeter: Frappuccino 4pk $5.99
Harris Teeter: Fuze 16.9 oz 3/$4
Harris Teeter: Powerade 5/$5
Harris Teeter: Lipton Tea 12 pk 16.9 oz $5.99
Kroger: Gatorade or Fuze $1
Kroger: Vitaminwater $1
Rite Aid: Gatorade, Vitaminwater, Honest Tea $0.88
Walgreens: Foldgers Instant Coffee 8 oz $4.99 Limit 2
Walgreens: Starbucks Frappuccino 4pk $4.99-$1 in store coupon=$3.99
Walgreens: Starbucks Coffee 12 oz or 10 pk K cups $7.99 Limit2

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