Beverage Round Up

Each week I team up with The Coupon Challenge and A Frugal Chick to bring you the best beverage prices from around the web. 

Farm Fresh: George DuBoeuf Beaujolais Nouveau $9.99
Farm Fresh: Menage a Trois Red, White or rose $9.99
Farm Fresh: Korbel Brut, Brut Rose, Extra Dry, Sweet Rose or Chardonnay $11.99
Farm Fresh: J. Kohr Chardonnay or 7 Oaks Cabernet $12.99
Farm Fresh: Woodbridge $11.99
Farm Fresh: Charles Krug Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Merlot or Zinfandel $18.99
Farm Fresh: Risata Moscato d’Asti or New Pinot Grigio $13.99
Farm Fresh: Ricossa Moscato D’Asti $11.99
Farm Fresh: Kendall- Jackson Vintner Reserve $10.99
Farm Fresh: Cupcake Wines $8.99
Farm Fresh: Sutter Home $5
Farm Fresh: Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante, Moscato, D’Aski, Prosecco or Rose $13.99
Farm Fresh: Emeri Pink Moscato $12.99
Farm Fresh: Chateau St Jean Sonoma Chardonnay $9.99
Farm Fresh: Charles Krug, Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc $15.99
Farm Fresh: Kendall-Jackson $10.99
Farm Fresh: La Crema Sonoma Pinot Noir $19.99
Farm Fresh: La Crema Sonoma Chardonnay $17.99
Farm Fresh: Dr. Loosen Riesling $9.99

Farm Fresh: Chateau St Michelle Riesling $9.99
Farm Fresh: Sauvion Vouvray $11.99
Farm Fresh: Dynamite Cabernet $9.99
Farm Fresh: Chateau La Grange Clinet or Libery School Cabernet $12.99
Farm Fresh: Brancott Sauvignon Blanc $11.99
Farm Fresh: Santa Margheritta $19.99
Farm Fresh: Hogue Riesling $8.99
Farm Fresh: Charles De Fere Blanc De Blanc $9.99
Farm Fresh: Apothic Red $9.99
Farm Fresh: George DuBoef Beaujolais Nouveau $9.99
Farm Fresh: Primal Roots Red Blend $8.99
Farm Fresh: Ghost Pines $16.99
Farm Fresh: Briddlewood Reserve $13.99
Farm Fresh: Mac Murray Ranch Sonoma $19.99
Food Lion: Woodbridge 1.5 Liter, Only $9.89 per bottle when you buy 6 $10.99
Food Lion: Barefoot 1.5 Liter $9.99
Food Lion: Mirassou 750 M L $8.99
Food Lion: Kendall Jackson Vintners Reserve 750 M $12.99
Harris Teeter: Georges DuBoeuf Beaujalais Nouveau $9.99
Harris Teeter: Kendall Jackson VR Chardonnay $12.99
Harris Teeter: 15% Half Case Disount 4 days only-Thurs to Sunday
Kroger: Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi $10.99
Kroger: Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay or Mirassou $8.99
Kroger: Chocovine or Sterling Vintners $8.49
Kroger: Cupcake or Robert mondavi Private Selection $8.99
Kroger: Chateau Morrisette $7.99
Rite Aid: Kendall-Jackson & Cavit $11.99
Rite Aid: BC Coastal and Gallo Family Vineyard $7.99
Walgreens: Alamos Malbed or Mirassou Pinot Noir $8.99
Walgreens: Woodbridge or Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay $11.99
Walgreens: David Stone Wine $5.99
Walgreens: Sonnenbrand or Paluzzi Wine $9.99
Walgreens: Robert Mondavi or Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling $9.99

Farm Fresh: Guiness Draught or Stella Artois 12-pk btl $13.99
Farm Fresh: Bud, Coors or Miller Family 18-pk btl $11.99
Farm Fresh: Heineken & Corona 12-pk btl $12.99
Farm Fresh: Michelob, Mich Light, Mich Amber, Ultra or Ultra Amber 12-pk btl $10.49
Farm Fresh: Yuengling Lager, Black & Tan or Light 12-pk btl $8.99
Food Lion: Budweiser Family or Miller or Coors Family 24 Pack 12 Ounce Cans – Budweiser or 24 Pack 12 Ounce Cans or Bottles – Miller or Coors $14.49
Food Lion: Miller High Life 12 Pack 12 Ounce Bottles $6.49
Food Lion: Samuel Adams 12 Pack 12 Ounce Bottles $14.99
Food Lion: Heineken or Amstel Light 12 Pack 12 Ounce Bottles or Cans – Heineken or 12 Pack 12 Ounce Bottles – Amstel $13.49
Food Lion: Stella Artois 12 Pack 12 Ounce Bottles $13.99
Food Lion: Dos Equis 6 Pack 12 Ounce Bottles
Harris Teeter: Bud and Miller Family 24 pk cans $14.49
Harris Teeter: Coors Light and Yeungline 24 pk cans $14.49
Harris Teeter: Sam Adams 12 pk $13.99
Kroger: Bud Light, Miller Lite or Coors Light 24-pk can $15.99
Kroger: Amstel Light, Heineken or Corona 12-pk btl $11.99
Kroger: Stella Artois 12-pk btl $13.99
Kroger: Yuengling 12-pk btl $8.99
Rite Aid: Budweiser, Bud Light, Budweiser Select 55, Miller Lite, Miller Genuine Draft 64, Coors Light or Yuengling 24-pk can $15.99
Rite Aid: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Sam Adams Boston Lager, Sam Adams Light, Sam Adams Seasonal or Blue Moon 12-pk btl $13.49
Rite Aid: Corona, Heineken & Amstel Light 12-pk btl $11.99
Walgreens: Bud, Bud Select, or Bud Light 12 pk $10.99
Walgreens: Playa De La Cruz Beer 6 pk $5.99
Walgreens: Select Miller or Coors Light 18 pk $12.99

Farm Fresh: 7-Up, Diet 7-Up Canada Dry, or A&W 2L 3 for $5
Farm Fresh: Pepsi or Pepsi Products 2L 3 for $5
Farm Fresh: Pepsi, Pepsi Products, 7-Up, Canada Dry or A&W 12-pk can 4 for $11
Must Buy 4 for price
Farm Fresh: Buy any 4 of these Coca-Cola or Coke Products 2L and get one of these Sprite, Seagram’s or Fresca FREE 4 for $5
Food Lion: Pepsi Products 12 Pack 12 Ounce Cans, Buy More Save More. Purchase 12 Pack 12 Ounce Cans 4/$12, 3/$10 or 2/$8. Less than 2 or more than 4 are $4.49 each
Food Lion: Coke Products 20 or 24 Pack 12 Ounce Cans $5.99
Food Lion: Coke Products 6 Pack .5 Liter Bottles $3.67
Food Lion: Pepsi Products 6 Pack 24 Ounce Bottles $3.33
Harris Teeter: Coke Products 12 pk Buy 2, Get 3 Free
Kroger: Coca-Cola 6-pk 16.9oz btl 4/$9
Kroger: Big K Soft Drinks 12-pk can 2/$5
Kroger: Pepsi and 7-up 12-pk can 3/$12
Rite Aid: Pepsi Products 12-pk can 3/$9.99
Walgreens: Pepsi 12 pks 3/$12
Walgreens: Pepsi 2 liters 4/$5

Farm Fresh: Pepsi or Pepsi Products 2L 3 for $5
Farm Fresh: Capri Sun or Kool-Aid Jammers Juice Drink – $1.99
Food Lion: Lipton Tea 12 Pack .5 Liter Bottles $4.99
Food Lion: Minute Maid Orange Juice 64 Ounce $2.79
Harris Teeter: Deer Park Water 24 pk $3.99
Harris Teeter: Tropicana OJ 2/$6
Kroger: Kroger Water 24-pk $2.99
Rite Aid: Poland Spring water 24-pk $3.99
Rite Aid: Arizona Half Gallon Tea, Capri Sun and Hi-C Juice Box $2.50

Walgreens: Simply Orange or Tropicana OJ $2.99
Walgreens: Nice!, Walgreens, or Good &Delish Juice or Drink BOGO 1/2 off
Walgreens: Arizona Tea One Gallon 2/$5
Walgreens: Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice 2/$6-$1 RR, $1/2 printable coupon=2/$4

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