Best Apps For Runners

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Best Apps for Runners

Every time you lace up your shoes and head out on a run, you typically want to know how far you’ve ran and how many calories you have burned. There are so many running apps on the market these days, but there are the top four apps used by the running community.

Most runners just starting out with begin with RunKeeper and then progress to MapMyRun or Endomundo. TrainingPeaks is used primarily for serious runners who want to not only track their 20+ miles per week but also their nutritional data all the way down to the micronutrients of their food. All of these apps have social media components and some have strong communities right within the app with both MapMyRun and RunKeeper having the most active communities.

  • MapMyRun tracks your distance, calories, elevation, and even your nutrition for the day. This app is the one used quite a bit of people in the running community because of how strong both the mapping and nutritional information is in it. It has a great social aspect to it as well and can autopost your workouts straight to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Endomundo is tracks distance, time, and speed. When running a race, it will also track your splits and tells you what your estimated finish time will be. A great feature with this app is the ability to create routes, challenge friends and also challenge your own past times. It has a lot of really cool features including an audio coach, pep talks from friends, plus it can track hydration. This is also a very social app and plugs into all the different social networks and has its own right in the app itself.
  • RunKeeper is one of the more popular running apps and includes different ways to track your runs and logs all of those stats online. It is easy to see how you are improving, check your pace, and interact with other runners within the app.
  • TrainingPeaks is an online and mobile app best suited for serious athletes who are working with a trainer or coach. Your coach uploads workouts and monitors them when you upload your workouts via a fitness watch, like Polar. Not only does it mark down your split times, but how often you were in the different heart rate zones, elevation changes, and how many calories were exerted at each part of a workout. It truly is the Cadillac of programs. TrainingPeaks also logs nutritional data and do meal planning too by not only showing how many carbs, fats, and proteins something has but also the micro- and macronutrients. This program is excellent for runners, triathletes and IronMan athletes.
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