Beachbody 10-Minute Trainer-Review

ten min trainer

If you’re a parent, you know how hard it can be to fit in some exercise.  In fact, for the past few months, my husband and I have been waking up at 5 am to fit some workout time in before the kids wake up.  That means we’re pretty exhausted!  If you’ve followed the site for a while, you also know I run with the boys a couple days a week-but the weather doesn’t always cooperate.  So what’s a mom to do?

Enter Beachbody’10-Minute Trainer

Beachbody has provided mother’s everywhere with the ultimate time-saving (and money saving) fitness tool, an ideal solution for busy moms looking to get or stay fit and healthy in only 10 minutes or stacked for 20 and 30 minute workouts. 10-Minute Trainer is a quick – but effective – power-packed total-body workout. Tony Horton – the creator of P90X – helps TMT users blast fat and get lean by packing cardio, total-body, lower body, abs and yoga flex into each workout for what he calls his Super Stacking™ technique. Each 10-minute routine works multiple muscles at the same time, allowing for better results in less time… perfect for the on-the-go mom.With stress and obesity levels on the rise, Beachbody – creators of widely popular at-home fitness programs like P90X and INSANITY – provides mom’s everywhere with the “leanest” and “meanest” workout on the market, 10-Minute Trainer



I have to admit-I was very skeptical when I was first approached to review 10-minute trainer.  I mean really?  10 Minutes to get in shape?  But because I am a big fan of Beachbody workouts, I knew it had to be worth it.  I was right.  These short and sweet workouts can really help a busy mom like me either get in shape, or maintain a healthy level of fitness.

The program encourages you to “stack” the workouts so that you can do 3 a day, equaling a 30 minute length of time. I have found this method is my favorite. When I do 30 minutes with these videos, I DO feel it the next day.  But some days you do only have 10 minutes here and there to squeeze in some semblance of exercise.  While a “total body” 10 minute workout is included in the set, I have found that if I only have time for 1 a day, I like to really focus on one body part, and so I chose upper body, lower body, or abs.

The program comes with:

  • Pro-Grade Resistance Band Kit
    Add resistance for faster results.
  • Cardio Belt
    Helps you Super Stack your Cardio workouts.
  • Customized Workout Calendar
  • Rapid Results Guidebook
    Tony’s guide to your transformation.
  • 10-Minute Recipe Guide
    Loaded with healthy 10-minute recipes.


Bottom Line:  
10-Minute Trainer gets 5 stars from me.  Whether you’re just getting started with exercise, or a veteran to working out, you can use this program AND get results!




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    ok. 10 minutes of exercise i can totally do a day. i’ve been trying to run but i hate it and i won’t do it daily. but this? i could do this.

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