Baby Alive -Save Up To 50%!

I’ve had a couple of requests for Baby Alive dolls and clothing and I’m happy to say that Amazon has a whole list of Baby Alive items up to 50% off!
Baby Wanna Walk$42.49 (save 23%)

Baby Alive Crib Life Friendship Dolls – Ella Song$8.49 (50% off)

Baby Wanna Walk, Brunette$42.41 (save 23%)

Baby Alive Beautiful Now Baby – Blonde$26.93 (20% off)

Baby Alive Crib Life Fashion Play Doll – Lulu Lake$8.49 (50% off)

Baby Alive Baby’s New Teeth$24.67 (save 1%)

Baby Alive Crib Life Friendship Dolls – Hailey Hula$8.49 (save 50%)

Baby Alive Puddle Time Outfit Set$12.65 (save 10%)

Baby Alive Crib Life Outfit – Rollerskating$5.99 (save 40%)!

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