Are You Gluten Free?

Did you know that one in 133 Americans has celiac disease – a lifetime condition that requires those who are diagnosed to completely remove gluten from their diet? That’s a startling statistic but one that is real.

 Since gluten is found in several commonly used ingredients that means it can be very difficult for someone with celiac disease to attend summer cookouts and enjoy a good meal.  This can also be a challenge for hosts of the meals!

In an effort to get word out about their gluten free chips, Frito Lay sent me a Gluten-Free Guide to Entertaining kit – including two bags of gluten-free Frito-Lay snacks, a color-coded condiment tray and chalkboard place cards to aid me in hosting a summer BBQ.  The guests LOVED the chips and I loved the color coded tray!  My sons really enjoyed helping me label the chalkboard place cards and everyone enjoyed a delicious meal!  Best part?  I didn’t have to worry if the chips and dip I served would bother anyone’s diet!

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