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As a busy mom of two who is running her own at home business, I do not have a lot of spare time. Between chasing after my wonderful and highly active boys, and taking advantage of nap time to run a smooth (and clean) household, I barely have time to keep Momondealz running!   That being said, I also LOVE reading and staying up to date on current events, fitness news, and always enjoy finding new recipes and crafts.  One genre I can always count on is magazine subscriptions to find this information. 

 I always try to find and post the best magazine deals for my readers as well.  I am aware that no one has a lot of time and definitely not a lot of money to waste these days!  As a bargain shopper, I also like to compare prices, stores, and websites while I try to save money on our budget.  This shopping strategy is the same when finding deals on magazines.  I frequently take advantage of my daily magazine deals to buy subscriptions for familymember, friends, and even myself!  It’s important to note that not all magazine prices are the same! 

Cover prices are constantly changing and companies will also offer special discounts at various times of the year.  With summer quickly approaching it’s end (back to school deals are already out!) you should keep an eye out for the fitness magazine deals to stop and more holiday related deals to be popping up.  Remember to keep checking the site and I’ll do my absolute best to keep you up to date for the best prices!

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